Debbie Stewart (Debbie's Thing)

Debbie Stewart (Debbie's Thing)

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Debbie's music known as "Debbie's thing" is a combination of storytelling, humor and the human condition with all the complexities that we experience at one time or another.


Debbie loves lyrics and interesting chords. Her style varies and can be haunting, silly, smooth, or thoughtful. She has been compared to many people, including Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morrisette and Joan Baez, although she does not think she sounds like any of them.
Her influences so far has been life itself with all the emotion, laughter, tears and joy.
She has performed at The World Music Awards playing cello for Hoobastank, was in a symphonic rock band playing cello and guitar at The Bellagio, The Monte Carlo and MGM Mirage. She has also been a part of other bands over the years, playing everywhere from Jillians to The House of Blues in Las Vegas.


Cowboys and Gentlemen

Written By: Debbie Stewart

I don’t believe in cowboys or gentlemen.
Just want some one to be nice to me every now and again.
When you first opened my door I was shocked,
And then you strapped my in and made sure I was locked away
Safely –

Chorus: it’s a smooth ride with you

Safely, what else could I do?
But ride away with you,
Oooooh, what else could I do?

I’ve been seen with pirates, bulls, and smoking guns,
Just waiting round for them to tell me I’m the only one.
When they took that fated trip into the sun,
They left me tucked away and all alone and wondering who would save me



Won’t you save me, I think I’m falling.

You’re a pirate and a cowboy, and I’m your little lady. 

I might have thought that my kiss would change a frog.
I never thought to hope that a prince would come along.
When we took that fated trip into the sun.
You took my hand and strapped me in, and then you kissed my oh, so softly


What else could I do?

Like Amoebas

Written By: Debbie Stewart

There isn’t much to an amoeba.

They’re simple, and squishy, their insides you can seeee.

Oh, there isn’t much to an amoeba.

I can’t divide so I think I might need ‘ya.

I’m awkward and bony, and sometimes I’m loney.

Oh, I can’t divide so I think I might need ‘ya.

I wish (la la la), we could squish
Together like amoeba.
I wish (la la la), we could squish
Together, together.

I want your protoplasm all around me.
Together we’d blend, I’ll begin where you end.
Oh, I want your protoplasm all around me.


bridge: I hold your mitochondria to mine in the moonlight.
Your nucleus, it is my nucleus, it is so right.
We are one cell it’s romantic as hell, it’s out of sight.
We are one. . . amoeba.
We are one, we are one, we are
A basic one celled life form!



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Set List

Set list varies according to audience. Normal show is 40 minutes - break - 40 minutes