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"Christmas Album Review"

See Amid the Winter's Snow, 2002

See Amid the Winter's Snow is a beautiful collection of music in which all but four of the eleven songs are written and arranged by Debbie Zepick. She has also included a familiar traditonal tune "Joy to the World", uniquely arrangemed by herself and Roy Salmond.

While listening each song, I was reminded of what Christmas is truly all about. One example, "Prepare the Hearts" is a modern hymn asking God to Prepare the hearts of your people for your coming...Set aside our thoughts from tinsel and earthly gifts.... It is about how Christ entered our world in a humble way and that He is God's gift to mankind--to you and to me.

The third track, "Gray Mittens" really touched my heart. It compares the love of a poor mother in 1935 who makes mittens for her children for Christmas, to the love of God for us.

You know love is a funny thing.
It will make you do most anything.
Sit up nights in the darkness.
Work your fingers to the bone.
Ev'ry stitch a silent prayer
from a woman raising kids alone.
And mighty love takes humble form
in these gray mittens old and worn.

Powerful words again reminding us of God's love through the gift of His Son.

All in all, the tracks are thoughtfully written and I find it hard to pick a favorite song. But if I had to, I would have to pick "We Weren't Expecting You". It's one of two of the songs with a Celtic tone. It's lively and like the other songs, uplifting to the heart and soul. Because of the message Debbie brings though her music, I consider this to be one of my favorite Christmas recordings. For a sample of each track from See Amid the Winter's Snow, visit her website. I highly recommend giving it a listen. I don't believe you will be disappointed.

--Caren Baird for


"Fearless Album Review"

Fearless, 2001

Fearless is a superb, professional recording featuring a variety of styles including polished pop, easy listening, worship, gospel, and symphonic sounds, with Celtic flavours, that will appeal to a wide audience. Debbie Zepick's smooth sweet vocals are matched in excellence by the backup musicians who provide a wide diversity of accompaniment.

All the songs are originals by Debbie Zepick. The lyrics are mainly inspirational, though there are playful moments and frank admissions of sorrow and pain. In "Red Willow," a call to prayer and meditation, sensitive poetry flows:

Come to me there for sweet conversation
Come for a time to dream...
Sit more often in this place of comfort
Know what you need is what I do
Believe that I'm longing for you.

The title track, "Fearless," is an apt message for Christians today, an encouragement to be "Bold, strong, brave, fearless." "You Break Trail" is a tribute to the power of a loving mentor:

You break trail and I will follow. I will emulate your style
Others paths are slow and shallow. You break trail and I will follow.

The desires of her heart seem to be reflected in "Change the World," as she believes

He takes our mission
This flawed offering
And he breathes his Spirit life in what we bring...
And I'm living on the edge because I want to change the world
To make a difference before I die.

The Celtic elements spring from the fiddle, accordion, penny whistle, Celtic harp, bodhran, mandolin, and bouzouki. The most Celtic of the tracks, both instrumentally and theologically, "Unto the Lord," emphasizes that there is no division between the secular and sacred in our lives. Everything we do is done for Him, whether "waiting tables, cleaning stables, running a home, or running a nation." Ancient Celtic Christian ways meet modernity in the phrase "multinational corporation," which in her lovely voice sounds musical.

All the important Christian themes are represented: human nature, confession, repentance, trust, prayer, meditation, redemption, faith, commitment, comfort, and evangelism.

Always hopeful and positive, the message of this CD is an essential reminder of our purpose and mission in life.

Since 1992 this accomplished Canadian piano and voice teacher, winner of numerous awards, has created six CD's. The sincerity evident in her songs will rouse listeners to follow her fearlessly to change the world.

--Heather Beckmyer for

"See Amid the Winter's Snow"

Debbie Zepick is difficult to peg. This Canadian singer-songwriter's See Amid the Winter's Snow has a Celtic feel, pop/folk sensibilities, and a solid Christian grounding. Whatever musical label is affixed, Zepick's sound is downright splendid; this artist is a glorious find!

This album is beautiful on every level, beginning with the cover. The photo is a close-up of swirling textures; presumably, the photo depicts wood and rocks against the snow, and the browns and grays are gorgeous. Fortunately, the quality continues once the CD starts swirling on your audio system. Although I am somewhat leery of sopranos, who can sound reedy and cold, Zepick's welcoming vocals are a soft embrace. Truly wonderful!

On See Amid the Winter's Snow, she presents 11 excellent numbers, mostly Zepick originals or pieces arranged under Zepick's golden touch. What a tremendous songwriter! Her selections tell great stories, including the heartwarming "Gray Mittens," making us thankful for the simplest gifts given with love and sacrifice ("In the coldest winter I ever knew, Momma's mittens came through." On Zepick's enchanting and lively "We Weren't Expecting You," the choral line clung to me for hours after the CD ended, and the fantastic fiddling had me doing some serious swingin' in my seat. The purity and richness of Zepick's voice shine with greatest clarity on her "Only Simple Things," another creative gem. Since "Joy to the World" is the only obvious holiday number here, See Amid the Winter's Snow can be played again and again after the Christmas season ends without provoking frowns from dubious family members. It's a keeper all year long!

The accompaniment on this album deserves special mention; the musicianship is first class throughout. The piano, violins, guitars, recorders and other instruments support and uplift the excellent vocals without ever overshadowing them.

Debbie Zepick's See Amid the Winter's Snow may be the sweetest holiday treat that you unwrap this holiday season or any other. Enjoy!

--Carol Swanson

- Carol Swenson

"Hear Zepick when she comes to town"

Alberta musician Debbie Zepick fearues a dozen original compositions in "Out of the Ruins". The instrumentation makes good use of accordion and violin and Zepick's keyboards.
'Watchman' is a sombre song of warning which is somehow rendered almost uplifting by a combination of Zepick's beautiful voice and the celtic-influenced arrangement. 'Moses Farewell' is a touching depiction of the great leader's acceptance that he will not enter the promised land. 'He Has Rescued All Creation' is a wonderful tribute to the resurrection, featuring some joyous and triumphant vocalizing on the chorus. Overall, a superb effort, full of substantial, faith-affirming lyrics and greaceful, penetrating, sometimes transcendent singing. Zepick is not to be missed when she comes to a number of churches in British Columbia this month. David Dawes - BC Christian News

"Debbie Zepick to sing in Duncan"

" Zepick's clean crisp voice is matched by her song-writing abilities. She has wreitten songs for World Vision and numberous children's musicals. Mark Buchanan, who attended Zepick's concert last year, writes, "With a power that delights the ear and gives strength to the heart, her songs weave themes of grace amid suggering, power in weakness - and over it all soars, dove-like, Debbie's pure flawless voice. Angels must sing like this. - Duncan News


2009 Not Like In the Movies * contains 2009 Great American Song Contest Winner Polish Me, 2005 This is the Mystery * contains 2005 Great American Song Contest winnings songs "This is the Mystery, "Anti Gravity" and "Rain Upon the Roof".

2002 See Amid the Winter's Snow * nominated for
Vibe and Canadian Gospel Music Awards

2001 Fearless *contains Canadian Gospel Music Song of the Year "Unto the Lord" Nominated for Western Canadian Music Award

1999 Enjoy the Journey* Winner of Canadian Gospel Music Award

1997 Out of the Ruins
1995 Gold and Silver
1992 That's Why We Are Here
Other singles released to US Christian radio in the late 80's
Hear some of the music on or on celtic internet radio



My first stage was the hay stack on my Dad's ranch in Southern Alberta. My first audience was the gathering of cows, horses, cats and dogs . I know they were impressed!

I did my first recordings at CBC Edmonton for some kind of compilation that never happened. A few years down the road, I recorded several songs for US airplay, in Nashville. Then I promptly went home to have babies, and didn't follow up the moderate success of those songs. (by the way, those babies are now playing in the that was a good move!!)
I began work as an "indie" artist in 1992 with the release of the first album, which amazingly enough, didn't sell itself under my bed.So, I began making plans to hit the road when the second album was released, in 1995. Since then, I play and tour as much as possible, in churches, community centres, schools and streets. It is hard work, but the moment I start to sing, the work is worth it all. Most of my cds are sold that way too.
My music is influenced by my celtic heritage and my "pipes" which were made for the lyrical melodies that I write. Other influences...the prairie wind and the big Alberta sky.
One reviewer, in B.C. Christian News called my singing "transcendent" and said that "angels must sing like this." I am no angel but I am thankful for a voice that is unique and unmistakeable in its clarity and transparancy.

I think that maybe I am also a poet and in the tradition of the celts, I love to tell stories and asks questions. I invite listeners to participate in my journeys of reflection and relationship. I want each song to be a jewel, set and polished to perfection, yet raw in emotion and fresh in approach. The melodies take their influence from generations of Irish and Scottish songwriters, whose songs remain as popular as ever. The lyrics deal with the "real stuff" of life, fear, loss, joy and triumph.
The music has an appeal to a wide range of listeners...from the college crowd who like to dig into the lyrics and surprising songwriting, to the rural folk who identify with my musical stories of life on the prairies, to the musical elite who appreciate all those hours of practice!!