Deb Chamberlin

Deb Chamberlin


Eclectic Rock with a dash of Blues, 2 shakes of Alternative, and a heaping tablespoon of Pop. Passionate, Soulful Voice. Inspiring lyrics, Powerful melodies, masterful full-band production.


DEB CHAMBERLIN’s background is as eclectic as her music. She has been a performer since childhood … singing 3-part harmonies with her sisters, winning piano and voice competitions, piano accompanist at her sister’s ballet school, and lead roles in shows throughout high school and college, where she was a Music Theatre Major. Her life took a surprising turn after college, when she ran off and joined Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. As a Showgirl for two years, she danced and hung upside down from her ankle on a rope twenty feet high, in all the major arenas from Miami to Seattle. Eventually Deb made her way to NYC, where she was trained as a singer and vocal coach by Katie Agresta, famed vocal coach to the stars. Deb has had voice studios in both NYC and the Philadelphia/South Jersey area, with students such as Carole King, Tom Keifer (of “Cinderella”), Eric Bazilian (of “The Hooters”), Mike ‘Slo-Mo’ Brenner, and more. Her voice has been heard up and down the East Coast in TV and Radio jingles, for Comcast, Quaker Bridge mall, NYNEX Yellow Pages, Pathmark, the nightly Pennsylvania Lottery Drawing Theme Song, and more. She met and became songwriting partners with Robert Wynn in 1988, getting songs published and held by major artists and placed in an indie film during their early years together. Now married and parents of an 12-year-old daughter, they’re still writing and recording together. Robert produced Deb’s debut CD, “Secrets of My Universe,” released in 2002, which received airplay on Helen Leicht’s WXPN “Philly Local” Show. Deb has performed in top venues including NYC's Bitter End & CBGB's, and Philadelphia's Tin Angel, The Point, Wachovia Spectrum, National Constitution Center, Havana, as well as a live performance on Philadelphia's NBC-10 morning "10!" Show.

Robert produced and released Deb’s sophomore CD, “I AM SHE,” in April 2007, on their indie label, ESAH Music…a captivating work of songs, calling us to feel and embrace the power of the Human Spirit, with tracks like "Soul Missing" .... "My Own Armageddon" ... title cut "She" ... a pulsating cover of Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" ... & more. Passionate and cutting lyrics, perfectly married to memorable hooks and rhythmic grooves, pack a double punch with their potent message and masterful production. Inspired from 360 degrees of real life, Deb holds nothing back in expressing how it is for her as a woman in today’s world. Fans of Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, Alanis Morissette, Annie Lennox… will love this CD!

Since traveling to Israel, in 1999 and 2000, Deb has taken an active role in supporting global tolerance and sustainable peace on the planet. Recognizing the impact young people have in the world, in 2003 she co-founded “The Changing Our World (COW) Project,” a 501 (c)(3) non-profit teen group in South Jersey which uses creative self-expression to encourage leadership, compassion and contribution. The COW Project hosted a delegation of Arab & Jewish Israeli teens from Peace Child Israel in 2006 for a 10-day cultural exchange tour, which culminated in a grand finale performance at Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center, with 60 American, Jewish and Arab Israeli teens standing together with Deb on stage, in a powerful call for global tolerance and partnerships for peace. They premiered “THE TIME HAS COME” – a new anthem for global tolerance, which Deb and Robert co-wrote and produced with featured performances from many of Philly’s favorite recording artists (Phil Roy, Mutlu, John Francis, Melody Gardot, Jim Boggia, Lauren Hart, Chinua Hawk, Caryn Lin & Deb), and whose itunes download proceeds benefit ongoing work for global tolerance. This anthem is being enthusiastically received throughout New Jersey, all the way to the State House in Trenton, as Deb and her COW Project teens perform for the State Human Relations Commission and the NJ Summit to Combat Hate, uniting diverse peoples and organizations through pop music and shared dreams.

Deb is passionately committed to making music that inspires, evokes, entertains and leaves her listeners wanting more.



Written By: Deb Chamberlin & Robert Wynn

Waiting Patiently
Hoping Reverently
Wanting all to see
Beyond this face

Softly whispering
Keenly listening
Always envisioning
A kinder human race

I am your sister, your mother
Your daughter, your friend
I am she, who is of you
And will be to the end
I am your sister, your mother
Your daughter, your friend
I am she

Calling urgently
Reaching fervently
Tapping memory
Of your first breath

Bending time and space
Toward that one embrace
There but for the grace
Crawling near death

All you brothers, you fathers
And sons, it is time
To right the wrongs
And stop the senseless cried
All you brothers, you fathers
And sons, it is time
For she

I have a dream
In fields of green
With skies so blue
You give us hope
You give us life
What will be give to you

I am your sister...
All you brothers....
I am your sister...

Then Came You

Written By: Deb Chamberlin, Robert Wynn, Mitch Goldfarb

© 2003 Chamberlin/Wynn/Goldfarb

If I saw the moon today, would the sun come out tonight

If I put my left shoe on, would it feel right

And if Hell froze over, would the devil skate on ice

If you’re out standing in your field, can lightening strike you twice

What an unlikely possibility - That anyone could ever get to me

Then came you.. - Yeah, then came you (2x)

If I turn this frown upside down, would I be standing on my head

If I had to walk a thousand miles, could I run to you instead

If you stuck your hand in mine, would that mean you care

If I closed my eyes & held my breath, would you still be there

Such an unlikely possibility - That anyone could ever get to me

Maybe once in a lifetime - You see a star fall from the sky

Whatever may happen - I won’t ask why, I won’t ask why
No, No - I’m done asking why

Fall Apart

Written By: Deb Chamberlin, Robert Wynn

© 2006 Chamberlin/Wynn

I’m holding on forever to the pieces of my universe
I’m keeping it together, no matter how much it hurts
Don’t miss a beat, don’t close your eyes
There is no rest for the weary tonight

Can I fall apart – without breaking down (without breaking down)
Can I fall apart – I don’t even know how (don’t look down)

So when did it happen? How did I forget to live?
This just cannot be - all that life has to give
Beyond this hill is another to climb
Keep pushing on, one step at a time


Give me strength, ease my mind
If I could just rest for little while
Maybe then I’d be alright

(…without crashing down)

My Own Armageddon

Written By: Deb Chamberlin, Robert Wynn

© 2005 Chamberlin/Wynn

You put my heart between your blades and cut right to the bone
You detonate my flesh and blood, but you can’t get to my soul
You are the Test of Everyman whose spirit is at stake,
Breathing down my sleeping neck, jolting me to wake.

Try to possess me – you’ll never win
Walk right through me – I won’t let you in
Haunt me through time – Disguised as a friend
I know you – My own Armageddon

You taste the spoils of sacrifice and strike me when I’m down
As you build your castles over me, I re-group underground
Your battle makes me stronger, defying me to stand
My will holds the scepter, it won’t surrender to your hand


Dancing between fear and love - Keeping the faith in the One above
Ashes to ashes…..Dust to dust……


Soul Missing

Written By: Deb Chamberlin

© 2006 Chamberlin / Wynn

The words come out – and then they fall, Making no sound at all
Silent boom – in a crowded room, Just a flower on the wall

Feeling like – an accidental touch, That doesn’t matter very much
Blip on the screen – that’s never seen, No sign of any fuss

Will you ever feel – a heart beating
Will you ever see – a child needing
Will you ever hear – a clock ticking
Will you always be – a soul missing

Broken record – on the air, Tell the DJ – but what will he care
Stuck in a crack – monkey on his back
Can you guess who put it there


You Might As Well

Written By: Deb Chamberlin, Robert Wynn

© 2006 Chamberlin/Wynn

You say the right words – but your voice is cold
You pretend to be happy – afraid to grow old
You know all the right people – to help you get ahead
But you haven’t listened to a single thing I’ve said

You might as well shoot me - For I have just sinned
You might as well take the prize – You know I’ll never win
You might as well turn the wheel – And slam on the brakes
If that’s what you need to play the game – I don’t have what it takes
You’re using the china – Not enjoying the meal
You know what it costs – You don’t know how to feel
I told you my worries – You threw them all away
As if you’ve got something – More important to say


Time after time - after time -after time - after time
You just can’t see that the heart that you’re breaking is – mine

You might as well shoot me – Shoot me now
You might as well take the prize – and then – take a bow


1. "Secrets of My Universe" - Debut CD 2002
2. "I am She" - 2007
3. "The Time Has Come" - an anthem for Global Tolerance; Deb & "Philly Artists for Peace" 2006

She/ Whisper / Soul Missing/The Time Has Come/Fall Apart - can be streamed at

& all 13 tracks of "I am She" can be streamed at

Set List

Various songs from Debut CD (Secrets of My Universe) and sophomore release (I AM SHE); set lengths vary by venue (20-60 minutes per set)