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Lady Luck, Lucky Lady

Written By: Deb Edgar

He's never on time
Always comes home late
He's addicted to a mistress
That I could have learned to hate
He'll spend the whole night with her
Begging her to stay
You might think he's been cheating
And I'll be the first to say
She's powerful competition
That beauty Lady Luck
But Hello I'm Lucky lady
The woman that he loves

So Lady Luck you go and treat him him right
You have my permission, girl, to stay with him all night
When the cards are folded and the gambling's through
He'll be here with his sure thing baby when he's all done with you

It's caviar and champagne when he's stepping out with you
Cards fall like a midnight dream where every wish comes true
He's straightening and he's flushing
Every house is full
And on the Big Blind or the Button He's the one who's in control
Lady Luck you own him then
But I'll sure call your bluff
Cause Hello I'm Lucky Lady
The woman that he loves