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Deb Ferrara


Infectious pop music with a rock attitude!


Deb Ferrara has spent virtually her entire life developing an intimate relationship with every aspect of the songwriting process, and those efforts have paid off nicely for her and the countless people she has worked with.

Ferrara’s first single, “Christmas Time is Near” (released at age 5) earned her the sort of media attention people several years her elder could only dream of. Rather than let the early brush with fame slow her down, she spent the remainder of her childhood developing her own style and honing her skills, which at that point already ranged from songwriting to production. By the age of eighteen, Ferrara found herself in the studio with her own band, recording and co-producing a batch of original material that would later become the self-released record, Go Away, which caught the ear of Chrysalis Records and garnered two Billboard songwriting awards.

Over time, Ferrara discovered that in order for her to express herself, she didn’t necessarily need to be the one standing directly in the spotlight. As a result, the list of fellow artists who have licensed her songs and collaborate with her continues to grow, and includes the likes of fellow New Jersey resident and hit songwriter/producer Rob Fusari (Destiny's Child, Jessica Simpson, Will Smith). Ferrara has also licensed music for a variety of film, television, and advertising projects. All this hard work has earned her ASCAP Pop Songwriting Awards for the past three years, as well as the chance to perform at the 2004 Songwriters Hall of Fame Showcase at The Cutting Room in New York City and a GoGirls showcase spot at SXSW in Austin in 2005.

Ferrara's most recent CD release is "Anything But Ordinary" -- a collection of twelve infectious rock songs produced by Dan Marfisi and mixed by Grammy winner Carter Humphrey (Rod Stewart). Three songs from the album have been licensed to other artists, and MTV licensed one track for 3 episodes of MADE. To listen to an Audio Portrait of the songwriting process from the songs on this CD, visit the ASCAP website. Deb's latest track, a writing/production collaboration with Askold Buk, is being used for the teasers for the upcoming Paramount film, Fashionistas.

Aside from songwriting, Deb is involved in a number of other projects. She is the host and coordinator of the successful monthly songwriter showcase, “New Jersey Songwriters in the Round,” which is sponsored by ASCAP and Go Girls Music. She is a NJ co-host for Chick Singer Night - the nation's longest running songfest for female artists and founder/organizer of “Songs for the Cause,” a charity concert event for breast cancer. Proceeds (over $27,000.00) go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Ferrara is also a member of ASCAP, Women in Music, the National Academy of Popular Music, and is a voting member of the Recording Academy. She is the president of More Good Music, which has been a family-owned ASCAP publishing company since 1968.


Underneath Your Star

Written By: Deb Ferrara

Put me in the back of your mind
File me away
Save this kind of thing
For a rainy day
But that rainy day may never come
And who will be the lonely one

You can run away, hide from me
Underneath your star
You can put it off, make believe
Nothing's in your heart

Start at the beginning
Though it changes day to day
Make no definition
'Cause it's easier that way
But how will you ever know how you feel
If you're always on the go


In your heart (in your heart)
I know I'm in your heart

You can't keep denying
It'll haunt you endlessly
You can't keep implying
That I just will fade away
But how will you ever know how you feel
If you're always on the go



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Set List

Stupidly Beautiful
Walk Away
Loving You
It's Me
You're So Sure
Underneath Your Star
Everybody Wants You

Set is approx. 45 mins - can do more or less.