Deblon Jackson and In the D Band

Deblon Jackson and In the D Band

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

My music is a combination of traditional Jazz mixed with Latin.


Deblon Jackson playes very versitile music. My sound is very big for a flute player and my music is very soulful. I perform so many different styles which makes my jazz very interesting. I studied music at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. Recently opened for Michael Franks At Music Hall February of 2010 with the Jazz Cartel. Currently workiing on another CD called Flautations. The Music is cosistent of Smooth Jazz with RanB influences and much skill. The music is very soulful and jazzy. The musical influence of flutist Hubert Laws and other Latin flutists. My band sound is very rhythmic. I perform many master classes with youngsters in reference to the performance of Jazz and some of my students perform with me regulary.


I released my CD White Blaze in 2002. One Man Woman, White Blaze, and Fiesta are played on 107.5 and other local stations regularly.

Set List

My set List consist of:
Moon dance, Bags Groove, Fiesta, White Blaze, Danis's Bounce, Butterflies. My performances are usualy an hour to an hour and a half.