deb montgomery

deb montgomery

 New York City, New York, USA

Dark, provacative, bad and beautiful Folk Rock that "makes you wonder if Neil Young has a younger sister" cd baby! New CD "Ask for Angels" makes a good friend, and LIVE she kicks ass!!!


That bewitching combination of vulnerability and sheer rock energy - think PJ Harvey, Jeff Buckley, or even Emily Dickinson - comes easily for singer-songwriter Deb Montgomery. It's likely that Paul Simon guitarist Mark Stewart had exactly that in mind when he said he called her voice, "both powerful and fragile," and insisted that Montgomery, "makes you want to hear every word she has to say."

Montgomery has grown accustomed to dwelling in life's in-between spaces: she's a Canadian who lives in New York City, a rocker who plays acoustic guitar, and a religious vagabond. Ultimately, she's an artist who is only at home when she finds moments of enlightenment on her way from place to place, and her music springs from that transcendental worldview.

Ask for Angels, her first full-length record since 1997's “Fear” is full of songs that will surprise people with their force and longevity. Montgomery uses her voice with a freedom that few singers ever attain: she whispers, growls, winks, and grinds, sometimes all within the course of a song, and fans of her live music will pleased with this recording. Her achingly beautiful vocals and lyrics have finally been matched with the right production. After many years of acclaimed live performances, and a long search for the perfect producer, Montgomery wisely decided to trust her own vision and ears.

She brought together a personal all-star roster of musicians to help her realize the record, including bassist John Abbey (John Cale, David Poe), who she also tapped to co-produce. Ask for Angels also features drummer Sim Cain (Black Flag, Henry Rollins), guitarist Mark Stewart (Paul Simon, Bang on a Can), keyboardist Rob Schwimmer (Laurie Anderson), cellist Julia Kent (Sheryl Crow, Rufus Wainwright, Anthony and the Johnsons, Rasputina), and Konrad Meissner (The Silos, Mary Lou Lord, Graham Parker).

Unlike many self-produced albums, Montgomery didn't choose the DIY path for lack of suitors willing to accompany her on her latest journey. She's been courted every since the film-like feel to her music prompted Virgin Record's in 1997 to pick up her song "The Tale" (along with tracks from Jane Siberry, Ani DiFranco and Holly Cole) for the soundtrack album to the award-winning movie The Hanging Garden starring Sarah Polley. After hearing Montgomery at a show in New Orleans, producer Ethan Allan (Kristen Hersch, Throwing Muses, Luscious Jackson, Nancy Griffith) invited Deb to fly back down to his own studio to produce a demo. Just after producer and writer/co-writer Kevin Bowe (Lucinda Williams, Etta James, Kenny Wayne Shepperd) produced a demo with Montgomery in Minneapolis.. Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls called her after hearing a demo to encourage her songwriting and to discuss her artistic direction and recording plans.

Recently Montgomery was the Canadian who joined 18 Songwriters from around the world to co-write songs on the Island of Inesheer of the coast of Ireland. She will reunite with Mikael Rickfors of Sweden December 2005 to Record their co-write "Stay" with Hector Castillo (David Bowie, The Brazillian Girls) at Looking Glass Studios owned by Philliip Glass in NYC. Mikael has written for Cyndie Lauper, Richie Havens, and Carlos Santana and was the lead singer of the Hollies from 1971-1973.

A regular at some of New York's hippest venues (The Living Room, CBGB's), listeners are her primary partner as she returns to focusing on her live shows- she's poised on the edge of finding a larger audience. Artists are natural risk takers, but what's remarkable has been the reaction: unabashed hunger for more of this kind of music. The audience's own risk in giving into that visceral need has had a great reward. Montgomery doesn't just sing the words they've been craving, but takes them with her through terror, anger, redemption, and finally to moments of pure beauty and tranquility. Montgomery gives people the feeling that light and love are on the other side of life's inevitable darkness and pain, and to not be afraid of either.

It's a testament to her success at achieving that end that people have called her shows everything from therapy to church, specially suited to those people who would never deign to attend either. Montgomery's ultimately positive message, whether it's growled or whispered, shouted or sung, is that the voyage won't be without storms-but sunrise can be beautiful.


Long Long Journey

Written By: Deb Montgomery

Long Long Journey

Moon moves tonight
Up and down, and out of sight
Sun go down, here comes the night
Sun go down, I’ll be all right.

Jamie, It’s a long long long journey
It keeps us up through these nights
It keeps us circling the center
Round round, I'm Comin down

Pierce me Pierce you
Let your love cut me through
You know I need what is true
You know how much I need you

Jamie, It’s a long long long Journey
It keeps us up through these nights
It keeps us circling the center
Round round, Comin down!

River roll over me
Roll me out to your sea
You know I need to be free
You know I need you in me

Jamie, it’s a long long long journey
And it keeps us up through these nights
And it keeps us circling the center
Round round, Comin down!

Touch Me

Written By: Deb Montgomery

Touch me.

Touch me, and the little things will grow
Touch me, and all my secrets you will know
Touch me, and the hidden things will show
Touch me, help me believe

Hey you, Hey why you gotta leave?
Why Now? Oh, you got somewhere to go?
Can I come? No, I don’t want you to leave.
Can I come? Will you receive?

Kiss me, all my butterflies will be
Kiss me, flying orange cross the sea
Kiss me, and all that’s bound will be set free
Kiss me, Help me believe

Hey You! Hey why you gotta leave?!
Why now?! Oh you got somewhere to go?
Can I come? No, I don’t want you to leave!
Can I come? Will you receive?

Story, and your story’s gonna grow
Story, and your story’s gonna show
Show you, show you where you need to go
Tell you where you’ve been

Sun Goes Up

Written By: Deb Montgomery

Sun Goes Up in the Sky in the Daytime. Sun Goes down at the end of the day. Moon goes across the sky in the Nighttime. Moon Gone, Hides at the end of the day. And I laugh, cause I know, that the Sun Raiser has raised me. And I laugh cause I know that the Moon finder has found me and you! Doo Doo DooDoo..Doo Doo Doo Doo

The Tale from "Fear" 1997

Written By: Deb Montgomery

Tell the Tale, You’ll still be the last to understand, the last to reach and take a helping hand. The last to really let it go. Safe at all? You don’t know much until you’ve seen it all. Seen loved ones turn, seen things come down that were tall. Seen worlds collide inside you. I don’t bleed, but I’ve walked a hundred miles to see your face. You do so much, but you don’t leave a trace. It makes it hard to let it go.”


Ask For Angels 2005
Fear 1997
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Set List

Long Long Journey, From the Sky, Give the Moon Time, I believed, Little Black Box, Love Rocks You, Helpless, Angel from Montgomery, All Your Breezes,
Ask for Angels...
typical time in NYC 45 minutes