Deborah Bishop

Deborah Bishop

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Deborah’s vibrant energy practically leaps off the stage, add to this her positive message and Brand in development as a "Personal Development Performance Artist" She is part award winning entertainer, part personal development guru and all heart.


Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Deborah started performing at 4 years of age, and hasn't stopped since! Multi talented and always driven by a message of personal inspiration Deborah has enjoyed many incarnations of her artistic diversity, stopping along the way to enjoy awards and critical acclaim.

Currently residing in Nashville TN and about to return part time to Los Angeles CA, Deborah is currently branding her form positive and inspiring entertainment with her One Woman Show entitled "Up from the Ashes" her original Music - she is currently recording - her brand of interactive theatrics, humor and Personal Story. Part Personal Develop, part Positive Entertainment and all Heart, Deborah's message on every level is the one person can change the world and that it is possible to release the past and create a future beyond any limitation.

Giving Keynote Performances, teaching workshops, Coaching her brand of philosophy, the YES Method, Deborah is not only an award winning singer songwriter and recording artist, she is a highly skilled and captivating speaker as well as a published author and entertainer.

Her music is acoustic, piano her primary instrument, with a little guitar now and again. Typically performing as a solo artist at this time, her voice can fade into the softest whisper and then take her audience by surprise as she blows the doors off with her powerful set of pipes. Her Genre is Inspirational at this time and has a real feel of Americana with a bit of Gospel thrown in for good measure.

Deborah is a unique and amazing performer who absolutely knows how to captivate her audiences.

Deborah's voice has been described as "angelic" The most common thing said to her after people have seen her perform for the first time is; “How does that big voice come out of such a little girl?” Standing 5’5” and 105 lbs. soaking wet the fiery red head can only smile in reply. Often described as a cross between Alannis Morrisette, Sherrie Austin, and even Dolly Parton, Deborah Bishop’s sound is distinctly her own.

Acoustic / Alt.Country / Americana / Inspirational

** Current demos coming soon, prior to new album's release.

Full band project currently in consideration with the instrumentation of piano, guitar, mandolin, violin(optional), cello (optional) percussion/drums and stand up and bowed bass.

Deborah's album “Just my Alibi” is a tapestry of sonic-scapes, filled with vibrant energy, catchy hooks and a refreshing honesty. Created by the songwriting team, artist, songwriter and producer Deborah Bishop and award winning producer, engineer, writer and musician George Leger III, “Just my Alibi” combines their emotional artistry and undeniable creative chemistry together in a CD less driven by calculated rage, and more by a wholesome and hopeful angst-free idealism. “Just my Alibi’s” songs are born in a place where the soul and spirit meet in passionate conversation.


LP: Just My Alibi
LP: Females on Fire Compilation
LP: Songsalive! 6 Compilation
LP: Band Together for Peace
Single: Just My Alibi
Single: Love is the Word
Single: I Hear Angels

Set List

"Up from the Ashes" or "Excerpts from Up from the Ashes" is a One Woman Show with several original songs. Perfect as a fundraising vessel, or used to open or close conferences and special events. Also as a Keynote Performance or as a Training, and of course, as genuine and memorable entertainment.

Excerpts: 20 mins. on up.
Whole Show: 90 mins. w/intermission
Keynote Performances: 20 mins, on up.
Workshops; one hour to a full weekend or four day retreat.

Other Shows:

Can fill up to a 45 minute set of original songs.