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The best kept secret in music


"CD Reviews - Exile to Oz"

Deborah’s music stirs my soul. Her lyrics are powerful and the music has such a unique mix of styles that is hard to describe but I’ll try. It is an artful mix of jazz, blues and rock. Deborah and the band perform as one artist. Her live performances are powerful. She is truly a gem in the Austin music scene. This is a CD that you will listen to over and over again.
-Elizabeth Livingston (5 Stars)

A friend of mine turned me onto Deborah's music one night when I was hanging out at his house. She was sultry and pop at the same time - a very cool combination without being more of the same. I especially like I Can't Promise You off of her CD because it's a really unexpected song. That song really takes me away and her vocals kick on it. The band is tight. Recording quality first-rate. I'm a definite fan of Deborah, her band, and Exile to Oz.
-A New Fan (5 Stars)

I haven't taken Exile to Oz out of my car CD player in months. I am lucky to have 2 copies of her CD - one before the CD release party and one after. The official CD is in my car and the sampler is in my CD changer at home. Originally Red Dirt was first on the album just before Brothers Keeper. Amazing stuff really - go ahead and listen to them in that order - VERY powerful. And what can I say about 100 Degrees in the Shade? Sultry? Seductive? The whole CD is great. This is one CD you will listen to from beginning to end without skipping anything.
Susan Culp (5 Stars)

Amazing! Deborah- Keep on Truckin'! This CD is a passionate combination of jazz, blues and alternative. The essential last ingredient for a coffee house night with an old friend or a night on the town! Each song contains musical diversity and originality, making for an extremely addicting compilation. The band puts on an incredible show in concert and should definitely be given your utmost attention when purchasing your next CD.
-Lindsey Burris (5 Stars)

Wow! I can't believe such a gutsy and soulful sound comes out of that pretty face! This CD is incredible- it will never come out of my player!!
C.G.B (5 Stars)

This CD has inspiring self composed lyrics that express the virtues of life and love. Each song posesses a deep soulful meaning, individual to each track. Her velvety voice envelopes the listener, taking them away from the present state and into a euphoric mind.
Katie Burns (5 Stars)
- Off of Lonestar Music

"Brother's Keeper - Exile to Oz"

Great sound
(Deborah’s) lyrics are really good, poetic even; which is good because (her) voice is excellent and the lyrics compliment that fact. Excellent song.
- motherseat from Cambridge, Massachusetts on 15Jul2004

good good
got a good feel to it
mix and recorded well
sexy singing voice...
take me, shape me
oh yeah

This sounds really good. (Deborah’s) vocals are awesome. I also really enjoy the guitar work. It all sounds good. Keep it up.
- Chanbara from Woodinville, Washington on 14Jul2004

Pro intro, you just know that this is going to be high from the start, the vocals must match this in sound quality and build and (Deborah) does that well. Perfect execution of her notes, perfect breathing. Well done girly! Mood is sorta haunting from this track quite alternative. lyrics are amazing high marks here.
- TwistedHalovoca from Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom on 13Jul2004

A thing of beauty
Lyrical excellence ... "I'm moving at the speed of clouds..." ... what a line and perfectly pulled off by (Deborah) ... I actually could visualize that as she sang ... wonderful voice ... wonderful musicianship all around ... a truly enjoyable song ... I'd like to hear more from these folks.
- labratzmusic from Greensboro, North Carolina on 10Jul2004

(Deborah) has quite a lovely voice.
- Jojo75 from Brooklyn, New York on 9Jul2004

nice vocals
good song,!! Great mix well arranged sounds like days of the new mixed with the cranberries, really like the vocals way to go girl (Deborah) you rock...
- driftt from Washington, Missouri on 7Jul2004

Very cool rhythm to this song! Catches me right from the start. Shock to hear a girl- great deep voice. Good lyrics- geared towards the literate. ;)
- stef_fitch from Los Angeles, California on 7Jul2004

Nice, haunting melody. Sung w/feeling... Blind Melon comes to mind. I wonder if you guys ever rock out. ya should.
(note from Deborah: baby, we do rock out...)
- dht3000 from Charleston, West Virginia on 6Jul2004

The guitar in this song is very, very, very creative. I also like how the cymbal fades in on the beginning of the song. Also the drums keep a very original rhythm. The lyrics seem either religious or deep.
- basserguy from Huntington Beach, California on 6Jul2004

A gem in need of Polishing
Nice instrumentation...very clean band...I wonder if this vocalist is as good live...anyway solid riffs...tight drummer...great over all...
- sinfulseraphim from Orlando, Florida on 6Jul2004

Nice Mix
(Brother’s Keepers’) intro is interesting and makes you wonder what’s coming...
(Deborah) sounds good... the girl sounds hot, or can make u that way. Solid voice.
- SplitIndecision from Normal, Illinois on 2Jul2004

i like (Deborah’s) vocals, sounds like a Sarah McLaughlin song, it sounds like Addi, the lyrics are really good, nice song writing skills friend!! Tthe mood is very relaxing, rhythm is good.Keep up the good work
- castmyshadow from Fontana, California on 2Jul2004

(Todd) plays just a touch behind the beat (which I LOVE) and it adds mountains of character to the song... you get MUCHO points in the "Coolness Factor" measure...

Thank you for this track...
- peeler from Brantford, Ontario, Canada on 1Jul2004

I love the intro to the song, reminds me of a very funky Tom Petty mixed with a Pretenders vocal styling. (Deborah) has a Neil Young lyrical styling. The mood of the song to me seems very sad yet hopeful at the same time...
- BaileyDowns from Jupiter, Florida on 30Jun2004

Great song
(Deborah) has a great voice.
- Sudzert from West Long Branch, New Jersey on 30Jun2004

i love it
you sound great doll-
i would love to meet you!!
i love your band.
- InvengoMusic from Los Angeles, California on 28Jun2004

I'm a girl singer myself, and you (Deborah) sounds awesome! You remind me a little bit of Alyana Miles. Good mood, very calming. I really like the lyrics. The vocals again are just beautiful!
- PrivateIdea from Carlsbad, California on 28Jun2004

Female vocalists rock
(Deborah) is a standout female vocalist.
- erikf from Caldwell, Idaho on 28Jun2004

(Deborah) has a beautiful voice. I like the mood a lot - dark yet peaceful and grooving. Personally, she could be singing about eating a donut - I wouldn't care... she sounds great and that’s what matters to me.
- jazzmoswitz from Norfolk, Virginia on 28Jun2004

Good vocals and band!!
(Deborah’s) vocals sound kind of like jefferson starship in the high point of thier carreers.
Love the acoustic guitar and the organ part of this song, very dynamic song, (Deborah’s) vocals are great vocals.
- dvdalford from Edgemoor, Delaware on 28Jun2004

This song ROCKS with a capital R!
And a capital O and a capital C and a capital K and a capital S! The lyrics are really great. Not to mention the mood set forth. The rhythm is great. I played it for my whole family and they love it!
- MattyJee from Sugar Land, Texas on 27Jun2004

Nice Work!
...Sounds like REM + Natalie Merchant. Terrific lyrics! "Around here, roads never lead to Oz; I'm moving at the speed of clouds, etc." (Deborah’s) vocal delivery seems honest and heartfelt. The production quality is superb.
- mistereid from Columbia, Missouri on 25Jun2004

Where's God? Right here!
This song has hook! The lyrics are awesome. I love spiritually in a song that is real. Not some happy "everything’s great" because of God. I like the questioning life in the beginning and the resolution in the end.

The rhythms are tight, the chorus hits early and grabs you...and the guitar tones are very nice. Great vocals with tons of emotion in them! I love it!
- thepez from Virginia Beach, Virginia on 25Jun2004

promising song
lyrics kick ass... it makes me want to hear more
- jpellin from Washington, Missouri on 24Jun2004

This song is most chill with a fitting beat...
- rubbedraw from Fort Worth, Texas on 23Jun2004

it's all here
Best track of the day...
- dust_ac from Grand Rapids, Michigan on 22Jun2004

Talk some trash and share a smoke
(Deborah) is on it..
- sikovocals from San Luis Obispo, California on 22Jun2004

I love the guitars in this song, very engaging and captures the listener's attention. (Deborah’s vocals) are soothing, powerful, and the lyrics are sincere...
- sozzled from Unspecified on 22Jun2004

i like this song its a bit of country rock with a touch of folk which makes a perfect tone. Good recording. And strong feeling....
- bassboy2000 from Unspecified on 21Jun2004

This is really cool.
(Deborah’s) vocals are great, they really accent the feeling the music creates--- peaceful and moody, my kind of deal!
- beautyisfading from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on 20Jun2004

very easy to listen to.
It sounds like it should already be on the radio. A perfect mix, great vocals, everything sounds crisp. The song is just really, really easy to listen to!
- antiware83 from Meridian, Idaho on 19Jun2004

...great vocals. (Deborah’s) strong female voice is awesome.
- theCAPS from Fountain Valley, California on 18Jun2004

(Deborah’s vocals) are amazing. It has a lulling, back and forth, swaying rhythm. Very calming. Brilliant lyrics. This girl has really got something going on.
- iota_slc from Salt Lake City, Utah on 18Jun2004

review for Brother’s Keeper
great sounding intro and lyrics are great. (Deborah) is awesome... making the whole thing work for me!
mrcwebster from Memphis, Tennessee on 16Jun2004

Return to Oz
What a lift! -- (Brother’s Keeper) throws you into a peacful and strong mood and doesn't come off as pretentious. The lyrics are really good I love opening line, filled with meaning, keeps you held throughout.
- MikeCiresi from Hugo, Minnesota on 16Jun2004

Wow...right away, this song had my attention with its good intro.
- ZoinkRecords from Seaford, New York on 15Jun2004
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"I Can't Promise You - Exile to Oz"

Nice vibe
(Deborah’s) vocals are excellent... interesting (vocal) melody, reflective of her talent. I definitely see myself digging this song in a dark, smoky bar type setting. I really liked this and I think that Deborah’s songwriting is top-notch.
- pauldelamater from Lansing, Michigan on 16Aug2004

Production is nice and sets the mood perfectly well. Feel like I'm on the beach somewhere. Maybe that's just me. (Deborah’s) vocals are strong and clear. Guitar is deep and one of my favorite sounds.
- RJSTEAD from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on 16Aug2004

KD Lang sweetest and control. Very nice! The guitars compliment the over groovy mood of the song.
- MikeyandPatti from Bradenton, Florida on 15Aug2004

Me like the Mood
(Deborah’s) vocals are quite different and unexpected... I'm captivated. Maybe it's because the vocals don't always follow the music... and that's compelling. I like the guitar quite a bit (I'm a sucker for that desperado sound).
- gus_t_w from San Diego, California on 14Aug2004

Strong guitar intro
"Don’t start something you can’t end"....."If God makes no guarantees, don’t ask it of me".....great lyrics!! (Deborah’s) vocals are phenomenal...lots of range... And the guitar...added a raw edge to further set the mood of this song.
This one is a keeper!!
- Eily71 from Andice, Texas on 12Aug2004

AMazing song
(Deborah) has the kind of voice that makes me want to marry her. Man, I'm melting as I type this.
- jimmalec22 from Englewood, Florida on 11Aug2004
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#25 Best Female Vocals in Americana, all-time

Best Female Vocals in Rock, week of 21Jun2004

Best Female Vocals in Rock, week of 28Jun2004

Best Female Vocals in Rock, week of 5Jul2004

Best Lyrics in Rock, week of 28Jun2004

Best Love Song in Rock, week of 19Jul2004 -


Deborah Dalton Band
Exile to Oz, September 2003

Radio play: KLBJ, KUT, KOOP
Promo spots: MIX 94.7, KUT, KOOP
On-air live performances: KLBJ

Deborah Dalton Band
EP, 2002

Deborah Dalton
Just a Kiss* (Naked DNA)
August 2000
*Streamed extensively in Japan

Deborah Dalton & Xtra Large
Live at the Vauxhall Tavern (Union, NJ)
August 1998


Feeling a bit camera shy


The earth of the south; eclecticism of Austin; street of L.A; and polish of NYC all make their way into Deborah Dalton's words and music. Born into a musical family in the east Tennessee valley and raised in Austin, Texas, there was no question that writing and music would be at the forefront of her life. “Both of my grandfathers were so completely into music... My Papa Dalton played bluegrass harp and my mom’s dad was a big fan of jazz.” There hasn’t been a time in Deborah’s life when music wasn’t important – when instruments weren’t scattered all over the house; including Deborah’s own viola and flute.

Inspired by the words and music of songwriters and bands too numerous to mention, and the works of Gabrielle Garcia Marquez, James Joyce, and Studs Terkel, Deborah began writing when she was just a child. Barely out of her teens, she ventured to Los Angeles where, she says, "I learned to write - it was all I did for a long time - beautiful Southern California days but I was always at the library in Santa Monica or in the coffee shops on Melrose Blvd."

It was a work of Deborah's fiction that prompted a television writer friend of hers to suggest that she try writing for Hollywood (that piece of fiction eventually evolved into Deborah's pop tune, Another Day in L.A.). Two dramatic scripts later, I'll Fly Away and Northern Exposure, and the prestigious William Morris Agency signed her as a writer. However, Deborah quickly realized it was the short form that most inspired her soul, not the screenplays and TV scripts Hollywood was looking for. Although a talented script writer, Deborah admits, “I was too young and too green and I had no business taking meetings with producers - it just wasn’t the right world for me to be in.”

To help pay the bills, Deborah took a job at Warner Bros. Records where she met influential artists such as Neil Young, Don Henley, and innovators like Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction and Lollapalooza fame. Writing by day and singing by night; including singing-telegrams because, as Deborah says, “when you’re an original artist, making money in the clubs is tough... at least in the beginning.”

Eventually leaving L.A., Deborah moved to the east coast where she was lead singer for the band Extra Large. Her favorite shows were Thursday nights at the Vauxhall Tavern in Union, New Jersey: a red-vinyl, smoky club where Deborah had intimate after-hours conversations with the regulars, one of them the daughter of the late Billie Holiday’s driver. Guest artists would often sit in with the band, local bluesmen and soul performers, “each of them memorable.” That experience made Deborah’s decision to return to Texas in May of 1999 a difficult one, but she wanted to record and perform her original music back home in Austin where she could work with her brother, Todd Dalton, a talented drummer who at the time was performing with the band VilleNova, also out of Austin.

Deborah's debut CD, Exile to Oz, released in the fall of 2003 as an eclectic blend of roots-rock and soulful ballads. The track Brother's Keeper, written in memory of dragging-death victim James Byrd, Jr., highlights Deborah's skills as a lyricist as she seamlessly moves from perpetrator to victim. Deborah's vocals on Exile to Oz, as well as her live performances, have been described as soulfully true... and... as seductive as they are fierce.

A lover of music collaboration, Deborah's the first to admit that she's a bit of a purist when it comes to lyrics: “the words,” she says, “need to be my own because they are my truth.” A fan once pointed out that her lyrics in Another Day in L.A. were inaccurate because when it's 'humid noon in ol' Birmingham,' it's not 'rush hour in Bethlehem.' With a mischievous smile, Deborah told the girl that it wasn't a song about time zones.

Deborah was included in the First Round Balloting for the 47th Grammy Awards as Best New Artist, and Exile To Oz made the entry as Best Pop Album; Brother’s Keeper and After the Fall were both on the ballot as Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. In addition, the well-known site awarded Deborah six different awards during the summer of 2004: four consecutive weeks as Best Female Rock Performance for Brother’s Keeper, as well as Best Lyrics and Best Love Song.

In between shows, Deborah is back in the studio recording her new CD, Post-Modern Arcade, due to release the fall of 2005.

Press contact:
Jo Rae Di Menno
Hard Pressed