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only for today temporarily

Written By: deborah debbage

Tell me now you don’t need me no more
I will leave and I wont slam the door.
If youre bored then remember my friend
i’ll never come back again

If we try we could get a new start
wouldn’t need all this bad time apart
Ive got dreams you can come for the ride
Why don’t you come inside

Why don’t you come and feel the rain touch me now without the pain
Escape with me reality, its only for today temporarily

Think you need more than I can provide
Take a look from the other side
I can bring anything that you need
I just need you too see

I will work every day every night
Just to tell if its black or its white
Even if it will give up my age
I’ll bring you home that wage

I’ll bring it home I promise you to change my ways you want me too
Escape with me reality its only for today temporarily

Sorry if I have made you feel bad
Really don’t like to see you so sad
didn’t know I had taken your life
It cuts me like a knife

It cuts me like, ive never seen im not the man I should have been
Escape with me reality its only for today temporarily
Now its time to decide on my fate
Is it all too little to late
I have tried to remember your name
And this is not a game

I will love you with all of my time
Please forgive and forget any crime
On my knees I will pray for your mind
don’t leave it all behind

don’t leave it all come home to me I’ll do the things you want from me
Escape with me reality its only for today temporarily.