Deborah Holland

Deborah Holland


The former lead singer and songwriter of Animal Logic (Stewart Copeland/Stanley Clarke) is a highly entertaining performer. Her "tremendous vocals," "witty, intelligent" lyrics and "lush melodies" cover many styles and topics all with Deborah's distinctive sound.


At the age of fourteen, the inability to turn a cartwheel changed the direction of Deborah Holland's life. "After not making the cheerleading squad in junior high school, I began playing guitar and writing songs," she says. And the rest, as they say, is history. Deborah went on to become the lead singer and songwriter of Animal Logic, a trio rounded out by Stewart Copeland of Police fame and jazz star Stanley Clarke. Their eclectic sound led to two critically acclaimed albums, worldwide touring, and appearances on David Letterman, The Tonight Show, VH-1, and MTV.

As a solo artist, Deborah’s live shows have captivated audiences at Tin Angel, The Ark, The Bluebird, Eddie’s Attic, Schuba’s, the Ram’s Head, and many more. Her fourth solo release since her Animal Logic days, BAD GIRL ONCE… (RageOn Records, 2006), has been described by reviewers as "gritty, honest, funny, and heartfelt" and "exquisite." The album is a blend of styles as diverse as folk, rock, blues, jazz, and electronica—all strikingly unified by Deborah’s voice. Roger Dietz of Sing Out! magazine says that BAD GIRL ONCE… "is splendid; chillingly warm and on target as anything I have heard since the first time I listened to Antonio Carlos Jobim and wondered how it is that some musicians can turn life into breathtaking art."

Deborah’s third solo release, THE BOOK OF SURVIVAL (Gadfly Records, 1999), was called "an album that demands repeated listening." (Dirty Linen: Folk & World Music) Roundly well-received for its memorable melodies, witty lyrics, and Holland’s "lovely, thoughtful voice" (Sing Out!), it was played on over one hundred radio stations. Her second solo recording, THE PANIC IS ON: SONGS FROM THE GREAT DEPRESSION (Gadfly Records, 1997), was an album of political songs from the 1930’s which gained her a wide following among folk radio DJs and folk music fans. Dirty Linen magazine described it as an album "contain[ing] songs of importance beautifully arranged and played." Prior to that, FREUDIAN SLIP (Dog and Pony Records, 1994), her first solo release, received heavy airplay on AAA, college, and public radio stations. In 1995, she was heard on the nationally syndicated radio programs "Mountain Stage," "The Difference with Todd Rundgren," and "World Café." She also recorded duets with Jackson Browne and with Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket.

In addition to making records, Deborah scores music and writes songs for film and television, is a full-time professor of music at California State University at Los Angeles, and performs live. Add to this being a mother, and you have the makings of a hectic lifestyle, one which Deborah says has given her an idea of what a professional juggler feels like. But apparently she wouldn’t change a thing. "Music is as much a part of my life as breathing," she says, "and it has been a whole lot more satisfying than making the cheerleading squad ever would have been."


Bad Girl Once (Soccer Mom Now)

Written By: Deborah Holland

I almost got raped in San Bernadino, was wanted in New Orleans
Went all the way with a jerk in New Jersey,
I still taste his tongue in my dreams
These are secrets that when coming to the surface one should disavow
I was a bad girl once – I’m a soccer Mom now

Stole some stuff from a church in Indiana on a Kerouac/Cassidy fling
Spent the night on a bathroom floor in Venice, tequila-induced vomiting
And there are sexual details I can’t reveal
my mother’d have a cow
I was a bad girl once – I’m a soccer Mom now

I wasn’t a junkie, I wasn’t a whore
There were a couple of things I missed
But if you see me slammin’ the Volvo door
Drive up in your convertible, I’m still subvertable and
Blow me a kiss, ya-ya

Spent 2 days and 2 nights in a house somebody took me 2
Smokin’ opium laced with cocaine
These strangers we became soul brothers and sister
Now I don’t even remember their names
It’s a wonder that I made it here and all I can say is somehow

I was a bad girl once – I’m as good as gold now
I was a bad girl once – gracefully gettin’ old now
I was a bad girl, bad girl once – I can still be bold,
Though I’m a proper soccer Mom now

My First Born

Written By: Deborah Holland

My first born
We lock horns from time to time
Maybe it’s because we’re the same Leo sign
Well there’s no mistaking you’re half mine
And, by the way, you have to take out the garbage

My pre-teen
I’m the meanest Mom alive
You can have the last laugh you’ll turn 25
Announce you’re becoming a Rabbi
But you can’t watch another episode of the Simpsons

I know you’re sick of “do this,” “don’t do that”
And honestly I can’t blame you
Well if you’ll grow up to be a Democrat
I’ll give you an extra hour of computer game time

My first born
I adore the kid you are
And if you ever doubt it just
Play this song
There are times when you’re right and I’m dead wrong
But I’ll only admit it
In Antonio Carlos Jobim-influenced music

Song About Sex

Written By: Deborah Holland

This is a song about sex
This is a song that I need in my set
This is the song that can bring me success
This is a song about sex
Yes, this is a song about sex
(Big body parts)

Sex is a sure-fire sell
Guaranteed money that’s unparalleled
Violence comes near it but not quite as well
Sex is a sure-fire sell
Hell, sex is a sure-fire sell
(Give it to me now)

S-E-X is a sexy word
Can make you act real stupid
Not bow and arrow, but the human urge
Drives our young cupid
(Sex, sex, sex)

This is a song about love
Which means it’s a song about, song about sex
Thinly disguised for the prepubescent
Really a song about sex, next.
Really a song about sex
(Insert your favorite fantasy)


This is the song that I wrote about sex
It’s not one of Prince’s, it’s not one of Beck’s
Making a fool of myself what the hecks
This is a song about sex, yex
This is a song about sex
(Sex, sex, sex)

On My Way

Written By: Deborah Holland/Wendy Waldman

They were standing by the side of the road
I could tell what was happening at a glance
From the look on her face as he spoke
He was doin' the getaway dance, the getaway dance

I meant to get out of my car
Tell her someday she’ll laugh looking back
But it might slow me down if she put up her guard
And I haven’t got time for that, time for that cause

I'm on my way, though I don't know where I'm going
As soon as I get there I will call
I'm on my way, but there is no way of knowing
If I can get anywhere at all
Anywhere at all

The telephone rings in my head
Is somebody sending good will?
No, it's trucks in the distance instead
The screechin' of brakes in the hills, of brakes in the hills

The needy, the sick, and the poor
Are waitin' for Jesus and me
They're forming a line headed right to my door
But Jesus is busy til 3, he's busy til 3
It's all up to me, so


The road to hell as we all know
Is paved with good intentions
You can't arrive unless you go
Did I mention


The Theory of Relativity (It's All Relative)

Written By: Deborah Holland

I’m a poor girl by Bill Gates standards
I’m a rich bitch through a homeless person’s eyes
Is it all smoke and mirrors, is the truth disguised
It’s all relative, relative

I am no one in comparison to J.Lo
I am world renowned and famous standing next to maybe you
But by the time your fingers snap, things could change like that
It’s all relative, relative

Your mother’s famous cousin is your cousin once removed
Your father’s sister’s daughter’s son well he’s your cousin too
Oh it’s all relative, hmmm relative

There are people and they might have talent
They’ve got relatives who can grease the gettin’ in
While the rest of us jerks have to slave and work
We need relatives, relatives

Well Einstein had a theory, well I’ve got my theory too
Your great Aunt Peggy died last year and left
practically nothing to you
She left practically nothing
Oh it’s all relative, hmm relative
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s all relative

Last Year (Life is Grand)

Written By: Deborah Holland

Last year was a very bad year
Everything that possibly could go wrong did
But now I’m on the other side yeah
Counting up my blessings like a rich man’s kid
Yes, I went from life is gray to life is just ok (to)

Life is grand
Life is grand
In every single way
Life is grand
Life is grand
Let’s celebrate today cause life is grand

Last year was a nightmare of a year
Everything had turned into a twisted mess
But now I’m on a different ride yeah
Dancing in a brightly colored mini dress
Yes, I went from life is sad to life is not so bad to


And if the world is going to hell in a hand basket
I’ll be going there with love all around me
When my body’s starting to rot in an oak casket
My soul will be satisfied, gratified, and free



Bad Girl Once,.. (RageOn Records), 2006.
Singer, Songwriter, Keyboardist, Guitarist, Producer.
"Faded Red Car," featured on Car Talk, nationally syndicated radio show CD compilation, Born Not to Run, 2003.
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer.
“Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah,” for the CD compilation Do You Hear What I Hear: A Holiday Folk Tour, hosted by Judy Collins, (National Public Radio), 2000.
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer.
The Book of Survival, (Gadfly Records), 1999.
Singer, Songwriter, Keyboardist, Guitarist, Producer.
The Panic Is On: Songs From The Great Depression, (Gadfly Records), 1997.
Singer, Arranger, Producer.
Cows 'N Girls, Richard Goldman, Gadfly Records, 1997. Background Singer.
The Celestine Prophecy, Christopher Franke, Priority Records, 1996. Singer.
Freudian Slip, (Dog & Pony Records), 1994.
Singer, Songwriter, Keyboardist & Guitarist.
Animal Logic II, Animal Logic- Deborah Holland, Stewart Copeland, Stanley Clarke, (IRS Records),1991.
Singer, Songwriter, Keyboardist & Co-Producer.
"It Only Comes Once A Year" from Just In Time For Christmas, (IRS Records), 1990.
Singer, Songwriter & Keyboardist.
Animal Logic I, Animal Logic, (IRS /Virgin Records), 1988.
Singer, Songwriter & Keyboardist.

Set List

Sets are between 45 minutes and 1 and 1/2 hours long and draw on material from Deborah's CDs.