Deborah Latz

Deborah Latz

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

The Deborah Latz Group plays elegant, inventive, at times edgy and unconventional, jazz and world classics, including original compositions.


Deborah's fourth CD SUR L'INSTANT released May 5, 2015 on JMP! 

“The directness of Latz’s delivery is a matter of wised-up, mature consolation, the honesty of shared confidence.”— Jon Garelick, DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE, 4 STARS October 2015 Issue

SUR L'INSTANT among BEST ALBUMS OF 2015! DownBeat Magazine January 2016 Issue

CD release party Friday, May 8, 2015 The Blue Note Late Night Groove Series

On her fourth album, SUR L'INSTANT, vocalist Deborah Latz enjoys the company of two superb musicians, the pianist Alain Jean-Marie and the bassist Gilles Naturel. Gone are the drummers, guitarists and horn players that fleshed out the striking performances on her previous recordings. Yet by reducing the instrumentation, the focus is drawn ever more closely to the fine points of Latz’s evolving art. Set in relief against her compatriot’s sensitive and open-eared accompaniment, Latz displays the expressive depth and masterful interpretive skills that mark her as one of the most gifted singers of her generation.

Read Deborah’s feature interview in JAZZ INSIDE May 2015 issue.

Hear Deborah’s 2015 radio interviews on The Jordan Rich Show WBZ 1030 out of Boston, MA and Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino on iTunes NEON JAZZ RADIO out of Kansas City, MO. Top 50 Downloaded MP3s for 2015! SUR L’INSTANT's  “Love Theme From Spartacus”! From the editor, "Bending and reverberating, Latz has a holding voice that captivates with a slice of Annie Lennox and a glug of Norma Winstone. Fine keys too."

Praise for FIG TREE Latz' third album released May 7, 2013!

"Deborah is a beautiful singer and a great talent. Fig Tree is wonderful. Really wonderful!" SHEILA JORDAN, 2012 NEA JAZZ MASTER

"...Latz takes it over the top giving hipsters a few lessons on what is really hip..."

"Latz's approach to the standard material is fiercely unique..."
C. Michael Bailey, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

Featuring Jon Davis, piano; John Hart, guitars; Ray Parker, bass; Willard Dyson, drums; and special guests Peter Apfelbaum, tenor & sop. sax, flutes, and percussion and Abdoulaye Diabate, voice on Latz' original She Was.

For the 2013 Fig Tree tour in Paris, France Latz played at Sunside, Cafe Universel, Cave du Riv 38 and Bab-ilo. In 2012 Deborah played at CD Blues Cafe in Beijing, China and was invited to sing with Beijing's celebrated jazz pianist, Liang Heping. On tour in Paris 2009 with Lifeline and in 2005 with Toward Love, she played at Cafe Universel, Le Neuf Jazz Club, Sept Lezards and Atelier de la Main d'Or and in Livorno, Italy at Jazz Club Il Paradosso. On her 2011 West Coast tour she headlined in Seattle, Portland and Eureka, CA and in 2010 she played to packed houses in Kansas City at Jardine's Jazz Club.

In May 2011 Deborah was featured live on the Lynn Darroch show at KMHD radio in Portland, OR for her performance at WILFS with George Mitchell, Phil Baker, Ron Steen and John Keyser.

Ms. Latz comes to jazz after an award-winning career in dramatic and musical theater, where she garnered a Best Actress Award at the Jerzy Grotowski Theatre Festival in Poland for her one-woman performance of Juliet, and received rave reviews in New York and Europe for Travels With Ma Own Self, the one-woman musical that she wrote, produced and performed. In San Francisco she studied at the American Conservatory Theater; concentrated on Shakespeare and the Classics at the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England and in New York City she studied avant-garde theatre with Anne Bogart. Through her theater training and years of studying jazz greats and cutting-edge artists, combined with her love for the Great American Songbook, she continues to synthesize her jazz vocal approach and style.


The Blue Note - Late Night Groove Series
The Kitano
Sweet Rhythm
Cornelia Street Cafe
The Bar Next Door
ShapeShifter Lab
Spectrum NYC
Somethin' Jazz Club
Tomi Jazz



Written By: Deborah Latz Catalina 22 Music ASCAP

What good is standin’ on the shore

Watchin’ the boats go by

Waiting for something to happen ----

Jump In, I’ll throw you a life line

Clamber up the ladder

Sit down, hold tight

I’ve got the tiller on life.

Love can be choppy, some white caps

So just tug on that line

Keep your eye on the horizon,

everything will be al – right

Just hold tight

To that life- line baby, love can be rough and rocky

But you’re here with me and I’m here with you,

So let’s do what we’re meant to do

Jump in!

I’ll throw you a life line,

clamber up the ladder sit down hold tight

We’ve got the tiller on life!


Written By: Deborah Latz Catalina 22 Music ASCAP

Every year around this time the animals meet at the Fig Tree shrine
sharing stories, having laughs, and drinkin’ their sassafras

ba doo doodle day ba da ba day ba da ba day n’ do dow
ba ba day doo ba ba day doo day

The turtle the pollywog and the geeraffe were sittin’ ‘neath
the big Fig Tree when they spotted a real big bumble bee
He gave each one a drop of honey and went along his way


Said the geeraffe to the pollywog sure is hot today
feel like sleepin’ the time away
now the turtle who was eatin’ grass said he’d like some sassafras
the pollywog asked the caterpillar to find the perfect leaf
come along a porcupine my oh how he looked sublime
his needles how they did shine and he joined in the sassafras

ba doo doodle day ba da ba day ba da ba day n’ do dow
ba ba day doo ba ba day doo day

Yes the sun was directly overhead and the earth was very hot
but underneath the Fig Tree all were cool tho’ they fanned themselves a lot
Just about now the clouds did form and the rain came fallin’ down
joined them was a fine blue jay who said she’d lost her way
The geeraffe opened one eye to say the Fig Tree will save our day

From the sun, and the rain, it will feed us when we’re hungry
it will shade us when we’re hot, it will keep us dry from the rain
so we have no need to complain

ba doo doodle day ba da ba day ba da ba day n’ do dow
ba ba day doo ba ba day doo day

The Fig Tree will save our day ba doodle doo day dow