Deborah Liles

Deborah Liles

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Deborah's vocals & writing are being compared to & can carry the same markets & genres as Diana Krall, Sade, Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones, Buble and other vocal greats. Airplay in over 30 countries, Jazz/Lincoln Ctr, Kennedy Ctr, nationwide gigs & a growing fan base will make her a household name. She is a fantastic MC and spokesperson for festivals, concerts, and all types of causes and organizations.


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Currently writing and producing for The Singer's Studio, performing and training, this is not the typical bio for Deborah...BUT she didnt want the same ol' same ol'.........

"I really just want to write, perform and sing great music, both original and cover. Where it all started, I don't know. I did not want to play outside or with dolls, I wanted to learn all movements and harmonies to The Manhattan Transfer's Operator.

I realize it is such a privilege and honor to be musical, and do what I love doing. I am humbled and just so grateful, but try to be a great business woman as well. 

Who can say anymore what sets artists apart? If I am really honest and give you a glimpse into my genuine soul, I want to be Carole King, with a shot of Carly and James, and a twist of Karen Carpenter, Norah, and the likes of those giants. I want to write along the same lines as Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, The Carpenters, The Eagles, Ellington, Armstrong, Van Halen (what?!), BB King, Bonnie Raitt, and the list goes on. I want to produce like Quincy, David Foster, and I want to sing like Ella, Eva, Dinah, Diana, Norah, Whitney, and don't forget the harmonies of The Transfer.

I have a special thing for working with non-profits, mom events, kids stuff, soldiers and families...I love helping them make money, raise awareness, and there are several causes near and dear to my heart, but I am open to helping any in need. I also love writing for other singers, whether a special solo hit, a group, a composition for film and T.V., and I am producing vocals in the studio.


Baby (Caroline's Song)

Written By: D.Liles/cc 11/2003

Baby there's so much I want to tell you
Baby, there's so much I want to tell you
Like how much you mean to me
How you came and set my soul so free..and
Baby, there's so much I want to give you
Baby, there's so much I want to give you
Like hope and honestly...

The House With the Octagon Shaped Window

Written By: D.Liles/cc nov 2003 - big swing

On the street where I live is the oddest little hut
With the strangest doors, and windows and walls...
On the street where I live I met the neatest boy
With the biggest heart, I swear I could fall...
..the house with the octgaon shaped windows....with more ways to see into you...

Who Will Love You More

Written By: DLiles

Will she hold your hand
Always understand
Will she make the wrong things right
Theres one question on my mind and I think its high time
I wanna know, who will love you more

Good Girl (When Will I Be Loved style)

Written By: DLiles

You know Im a good girl
You know I dont do those thngs
You know Im a good girl
If this is love youre doing the wrong thing
I know youre frustrated but its only our 3rd date boy
If youre frustrated, if youre in pain
Dont look to this girl for anything

Youre hands are sneakin sneakin in places the dare not go


live at the Star Theater CD project, to be engineered by drummer, Craig Howland and brother, Keith Howland, lead guitarist for the world reknowed group, Chicago!

Producer - Studio's Jazz At The Lincoln Center CD (March 2005)
Debut Sampler "Torch Me" (purchase at
Producer - Jason Palmer "One For My Baby"
Vocal Producer - Ashley Chapman "Ashley Chapman"
Composer/Vocal Producer - Mackenzie Brewer "Good Girl"
"Summertime" single
*Please submit request for audio via email

Set List

40-45 minute sets; up to 4/5 sets; depends on gig/event
-Caravan *Signature song
-Time After Time
-It's Too Late
-Route 66
-Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
-Satin Doll
-My Favorite Things/Autumn Leaves
-Baby (original)
-Good Girl (Original)
-Feel Like Makin' Love
-Takes My Breath Away
-Let's Stay Together
-Blue Moon
-Cry Me A River
-Smooth Operator
-What Will I Tell My Heart
-Torch Me (original)
-Everyday I Have The Blues
-Pink Cadillac (w/jazzy twist!)
-Me Myself & I (original)
-Havana Day Dreaming
-National Anthem
-My Romance
-Nuttin But The Blues
-You Make Lovin Fun
-etc...lots of r&b, jazz, latin and more