Deborah McMullen

Deborah McMullen

 Cartersville, Georgia, USA

We love the Lord with all our heart. Just want to be a blessing and to help others.

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It's Her Wedding Day

Written By: Deborah McMullen

I know mom's in Heaven, she's in no more pain. But she will surely be misses by her family and friends. We have to be strong, each and every day. Remind ourselves it's not her funeral, it's her wedding day.

It's her wedding day in Heaven, here comes the beautiful bride. With a crown on her head a white robe to wear, she's such a beautiful sight. She was the faith one that heeded the all one day. This is not her funeral, it's her wedding day.

Your mom fought the fight, she kept the faith, it was time to call her home. She ran the race her battles are over, she's getting her reward.No need to worry about mommy, so just wipe those tears away,
this is not her funeral, it's her wedding day.
Deborah McMullen