Debora Richards

Debora Richards


Wide variety of completely unique inspiring Christian music - from Christian rock, velvety ballads to songs for prayer and meditation.


A fresh new voice on the Christian scene, to encourage Christ's love for you in times of triumph and struggles. Debora is a spirit filled and lead gifted musician and vocalist, who has been leading worship for over ten years. Inspiration for all her music comes through life's joys, hardships, times of deep prayer and inspiration. Her strength comes from a constant relationship with God being first and foremost. She sings because she truly loves God. The desire is to share the intimacy experienced with our Loving God. Real joy is only found . . . in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is truly felt it in her music.

The demand and requests for her music has brought her into the recording studio, look for a new album to be released in 2006.

God's beauty, love and promises are for everyone, right where you are today… believe in the Truth.

This collection offers encouragement in times of hardship.

It leads with with the title track "Just Come", a song whose meaning echoes it's companion CD's themes of introspection and call to God's passionate heart.

"My music is about is sharing deep discoveries made as I have chronicled through my life discoveries. "Just Come" addresses a desire that no one would be held back from knowing God. You don't have to be anything other then yourself, He loves you just as you are, He calls you to just come to Him.

Debora has expressed her heart, in this new release. The intimacy experienced on this CD, by our Loving God, will impact you for the remainder of your life. As life's difficulties create a block, you are always given an escape that returns you to the narrow path of knowing and expressing where real joy is found - in the Lord. Her music, her heart and her one love - is real. You will feel it in her music.


Come In

Written By: Debora Richards

There is a turn-key love that awaits us
There is no need to put our effort in
The saving grace that allows us
Is only where the Saviors been

We don't need to change before we come
We only need to come
He has claimed us with his choice
Just listen and come in

A gift that was promised and a price paid
Lord you've been merciful
What could I a man, have done to cause you to want this plan?

This is a shelter for me
This is forgiveness for me
I don't have to change before I come
I only need come

His saving love has paid the price
He'll take me where I am
He'll love me where I am
Forgive me where I am
Just come, come to the Lamb of God
Just come
Just come, come to the saving grace just come.

So Close

Written By: Debora Richards

God you're such a friend
That really isn't even
A good enough word
You're so much more then that

When the world around
floats so far away
Not sure who to touch
Not sure if I can

And there you are on this night
This painful night
Though sometimes I float alone in this world
I do not float alone in myspirit
You're here with me in a deepest of way

Let me turn and cuddle
Let me bury my head in your chest
Let me be crushed by the love of your arms
I don't need the touch of the world
When I have the touch of you
The cradle of a fathers arms
The cradle of a fathers arms
Holding his child in the pain of the night

Even when we're an island
Not by choice but by lot
There is no island
That is so remote
That you cannot reach it

Hold me Jesus
Close to your heart
I feel so lost and lonely tonight.

Lord Will Come

Written By: Debora Richards

Do not be afraid
When the tribulation comes
Do not be afraid
When the tribulation comes

Trouble will knock at your door
But do not be afraid, no
Run to the safety of the Lamb
Run to the gates of the Lord

Do not be afraid when the tribulation comes

It will be the day of the Lord
the day of the Lord.

I Believe, Lydia's Song

Written By: Debora Richards

Be blessed, be loved
Be glorified my Lord
I give my heart to you

I'm just a child, yet you choose to use me
Be blessed, be glorified

And I will walk by faith
I believe in your promises
I will walk by faith
I believe in your holiness

I believe
I believe
I believe
I believe
Though you test my heart
I still believe

Wedding Song

Written By: Debora Richards

Verse 1
I see you walk down the aisle
I see your lovely face
This day I know that you are truly mine
And I give you my deepest love

The moment I saw you
I knew
That I would be forever yours
The moment I saw you
I knew
Your heart would grow to love mine

Verse 2
This day I give you my heart
I give you all that I am
I could not imagine a day without you
I give my heart to be yours

The moment I saw you
I knew
That it would be forever more
The moment I saw you
I knew
That I would be forever yours.

I believe, I believe
I believe, I believe
I believe, I believe
That God has blessed this humble life, with you my bride

I believe, I believe
I believe, I believe
I believe, I believe
That God has blessed this humble man, with you.

I would know here anywhere

Written By: Debora Richards

I watch her walk in the room
I would know her anywhere
Because she has his eyes - of love

His adoring eyes he gazes at her
His favorite child
His eyes light up as she looks inside
His heart

Many painful times they’ve trod
Many dark nights that they’ve shared
He knows her heart, the pain that’s been there
He loves this child of his
This one with his eyes
He’d give his life, he’d lay it all down for her
This child that he loves, inside

I’d know her anywhere
She has his eyes


Many nights of pain that we’ve been through
You’ve never left me – as I walk this path
This path of mine
Jesus do you look at me – with those eyes of love
When I walk into the room
Do I have your eyes of love
You look at me like your favorite child
Adoring my heart – from deep inside
Giving your life so that I may live
I know you love me like that

Break w/melody

I’d know her anywhere – because she has his eyes (higher)
I’d know her anywhere – because she has his eyes (sharp)
She has his eyes (on key)



CD - in current production - out in 2006.

Set List

Typical set as a companion to a conference or service would include 7-8 songs, a combination of well known songs as well as many of Debora's original's.
A concert would include over 10 songs and will play for an hour. Most love Debora's ability to swing from the heart of a song into a free worship time that will draw you straight into the heart of the Father. She looks to the throne and the intimacy with God you will feel while worshiping with her is incredible.