Débora Russ

Débora Russ

 Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

"Tangos pendientes", the new project of the talented tango singer Débora Russ : her "tangos waiting to be heard", some popular, but mostly unknown and rare, beautifully interpreted by Débora and her gifted musicians (guitar/bandoneon/doublebass)


Who said you had to be born in Buenos Aires to make a name for yourself in the tango? Like some other great musicians - the bandoneonists Ciriaco Ortiz, Homero Manzi, Ruben Juarez, to name just a few - Debora Russ comes from Cordoba. Who said you had to have sucked the tango from a baby's bottle to be good at it?

Debora Russ was not born into a family of musicians, and her childhood was more nourished by the Spanish songs that kept alive her grandfather's nostalgia. As a child, she took flamenco dance classes and later even became a qualified teacher, but to hear her, we are not so far away from the tango: "In listening to Anibal Troilo, a genius of the bandoneon", she explains, "I always found something Andalusian in his music, well before knowing he was indeed a great connoisseur of flamenco"

In 2012, her new challenge carries the title "Tangos Pendientes": tangos waiting to be heard. She is accompanied by Victor Villena on bandoneon, Alejandro Schwartz on guitar and Mauricio Angarita on bass. For this disc, Debora Russ moves away from the contemporary to revisit some of the classics, not necessarily well known. " I created the list by asking people around me which tangos they like, or would like to hear me sing", she explains. It's a selection drawn from a repertoire of immense abundance. "There is no subject that has not been sung in the tango," adds Debora Russ. "By turns descriptive or philosophical, the tango expresses sadness, joy, love in all its facets and itsmysteries, social movements, politics, popular passions like football or horse racing, and even the sacred or the mystic."

Her new album "Tangos Pendientes" has been released on February 7th, 2012


on her name :
- Andares - 2009 - Aeon
- Tangos Pendientes - 2012 - Accords Croisés / Harmonia Mundi

with others :
Aqui y ahora (w/ Gustavo Gancedo) - 2004
Les Fleurs Noires(w/ Les Fleurs Noires) - 2005

Set List

1- Garras - Anibal Troilo/José Maria Contursi
2- Fruta amarga - Hugo Gutierrez/Homero Manzi
3- El titere - Astor Piazzolla/Jorge Luis Borges
4- Mosaicos - Mauricio Angarita
5- La voz de Bs As - Eladia Blasquez
6- Golondrinas - Carlos Gardel/Alfredo Le Pera
7- Rojo Poeta - Mauricio Angarita
8- Aquella Ciudad - M. Angarita/Débora Russ
9- Rebeldia - Roberto Nievas Blanco/Oscar Rubens
10- Tormenta - Enrique Santos Discepolo
11- Ausencia - M.Angarita/Débora Russ
12- La cancion de Buenos Aires - Azucena Maizani/Manuel Romero
13- Siempre se vuelve a Buenos Aires - Astor Piazzolla/Eladia Blazquez