Debra Ainsworth Band

Debra Ainsworth Band

BandCountryAdult Contemporary

Country, with a whole lot of Rock & Roll. We started this endeavour with a country objective, but we soon found we needed to "rock the room". We kept our country roots, but wrote some tunes best described as a hybrid of Rock/Country/Adult Contemporary.


As with most emotional relationships, you search a long time to find what you are looking for. This band is no different. With a combined number of "years of experience" topping 75 years between the 4 members, this band searched long and hard to find each other. Like love, from the first time on stage, these 4 new they would be together.

"We have so many different influences from the 4 members, it’s really cool to hear the "new" music develop." says drummer Greg Collins.
"Debra's voice is so powerful, it fits with everything we do. It's really incredible..."

Bringing this much experience to one stage means solid performances buy people who truly love what they do. Guaranteed 100% from the sole...


Début Album - "Debra Ainsworth", independently released

Set List

Set's consist of between 12 to 16 songs per set, depending on the time alotted per venue. In an "opening Act" environment the set list consists of 15 songs and lasts a little more than 1 hour.

Our Set's consist of: Origional Music from debut album, origional currently unrealsed songs from our proposed 2nd album. Covers include numberous most requested songs from the 50's to the present. The majority of the covers are done in a "freestyle" fashion with a modern country/rock influence and include such artists as Johnny Cash, Green Day, The Rolling Stones, Grethen Wilson, Dixie Chicks, Janis Joplin, Buddy Holly and many more.