Debra Freeman

Debra Freeman


Arrowsong. I am not a performer but a songwriter who shoots for the heart. I strive to write songs that make the world a better place, whether that is to bring people together, bring them closer to God, or bring a smile to their faces.


Hi, my name is Debra Freeman. Music has been a very important part of my life as long as I can remember. As a child, I lived in the outdoors and would make up songs to go along with whatever I was doing. I’ve been writing songs ever since, but have only begun to pursue getting songs published in the last year and a half. Within that time, I’ve exceeded the yearly goals I’ve set and have truly felt God has been opening doors that I never could have found on my own.

I am a freelance writer and have co-authored three children’s books. Even though I consider myself primarily a lyricist, I do play guitar, hammer dulcimer, flute and autoharp, and have, of late, been writing my own music as well. I write mostly Country or Christian Country music.


EBay Your Mama

Written By: Debra Freeman

EBay Your Mama
© 2005 Debra Freeman. All rights reserved.

Darlin’, it’s a fact, we’ve had to cut back
Trim the fat and the thermostat
Newlywed, newly fired How ‘bout… newly retired
I like the sound of that
But, Sugar, I’m intendin’ to do some vendin’
I’ve got a plan… You’ll see
We’ll up the revenue… have more space too
Just leave ev’rything to me

Baby, let’s eBay your mama
You know we could use the room
Let’s eBay your mama
Yesterday wouldn’t be too soon
We’ll take a money order, credit card or I.O.U.
High bidder gonna get her. Free shippin’ too
But, let’s eBay your mama
And get on with our honeymoon

Look at you now with that furrowed brow
Don’t worry. It’s my pleasure
With just the right spin, you can sell anythin’
And make trash sound like a treasure
“More Mom for your money” That’s so true, Honey
With… “Looks that would kill”
“Your own Vintage Mother, like no other”
“The Pride of Amityville”


A little packin’ tape in a strategic place will tame that barbwire tongue
And some bubble-wrap will conceal the flab til the deal is sealed and done


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Written By: Debra Freeman

© 2006 Debra Freeman

I been lookin’ for a man, but I haven’t yet met him
Know just what I want, but not where to get him
Mama says a non-smokin’, non-drinkin’, moneymaker
But what I really need is a non-heartbreaker

Non-steppin’ out, two-timin’, two-faced man
Non-liar, non-cheater, non-faker
Non-fool me once, fool me twice, fool me again
Non-stab me in the back heartacher
What I really need is a non-heartbreaker

Thought I’d found him at last, just this past year
But found my heart in a sling when he disappeared
He was non-committal, a non-promise maker
When what I really need is a non-heartbreaker


Give me one true man with one true heart
I’ll make him glad he’s faithful
And do my best to make lovin’ him an art
Doin’ less would just be wasteful If there’s a…


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