Deb Roland

Deb Roland


Deb Roland is a solo performer/singer/songwriter specializing in folk, blues and country. She is a classically trained guitarist/singer, yet still prefers the raw sound of the aforementioned genres. Her music is earthy, simple and heartfelt.


My "day job" is that of music teacher for a major school district in Wisconsin. I am the divorced mother of 2 adult daughters and have rediscovered my own music after my recent separation. I've been a songwriter since I was in my early teens when my major influences were Joni Mitchell, Janis Ian, Leonard Cohen, Bob get the picture. I'm still of the opinion that music is another form of poetry and much of my own music comes from that perspective. I like to keep it simple, pure and uncomplicated, yet "attractive" and diverse enough that the listener will not get bored. Everyone can relate to the stories and feelings in my songs. They have been built on my own life's stories, they are who I am, they also reflect my philosophies and own personal beliefs at times. Sometimes my songs pose questions and cause us to think about our lives in ways we may not have thought before, so in that vein, my music is sometimes a bit philosophical. Everyone has gone through similar experiences to mine therefore can relate to my music. I am recently rediscovering the performer in me as I had ignored that side of my life for so long getting caught up in the "American dream" of marriage, family, career, friends etc. but all that changed rather recently. Luckily, I look quite young for my age (and act it too), and can pull off performance rather eloquently. I see myself first and foremost as a songwriter and a performer second. I don't mind getting on stage for smaller venues or even larger ones if they present themselves, but ideally I hope to see my music published and performed by the other artists who are more in the forefront of the music industry. I also have the goal of recording and distributing a CD or two of my own. I am currently working on one and hope to release it by August of 2010.


I Need to Be Deeply Loved

Written By: Deb Roland

1. ‘looking back and I’m reflecting
on my life and the year gone by
‘been looking everywhere for love
Never finding it, but why?
Now I think I’ve finally realized
What deep inside I always knew
I wouldn’t find what I’m looking for
In the arms of someone like you.

‘Cause all this time all I thought I needed
Was love to take my hand
And yes there is some truth to that
But it’s not the love I planned.
I’m finding out, I’m learning how
I think I can finally see
*That I need to be deeply loved
I need to be Truly loved,
I need to be completely loved
By me

3. Well I knew what was in store for me
from the moment our paths had crossed
‘ really wanted to be loved by you
Until I realized the cost.
I need to live my own life now
At least I’ve got to try
It’s time to mend these broken wings
and teach myself to fly.

Well another day’s gone and another night’s come
There’s no one here but I don’t feel so alone

Last time end with this
*That this time I’ll be deeply loved
This time I’ll be truly loved,
This time I’m completely loved.
By me

All I Can Do

Written By: Do Roland

+I Can't stop the storm from raging outside your window.
and I can't stop the wind from blowing all night long.
I can't stop your feet from walkin' when you decide to go.
And I can't always make things right whenever they go wrong.

All I can do is love you.
All I can do is care
All I can do is come runnin' to you
when you call for me
I'll be there.

I can't stop your heart from breaking when others let you down.
And I can't stop the sunshine when it rains.
I can't stop your world from turnin' all your dreams around.
And when you hurt, I just can't stop the pain.


Bridge: If i could make the world a perfect place to be.
I'd hold you close protect you and never set you free.
But I know that won't do for you 'cause it never did for me my little girls,
Someday you'll see.


+Lyrics in recording are slightly different because I chose to change them but have not yet had the opportunity to record them with the new lyrics.

There's Nothin' More that I Can Do

Written By: Deb Roland

I Can't Help itif your heart is blind.
I can't help it if you've changed your mind.
I can't help if you won't do what you need to do.
To hold onto this woman who needs holding onto.

No, I can't help it, if you won't let me in.
I can't help it, if you've gone and hurt me again.
I can't help it if you don't care how much I love you.
Then I guess there's nothing more that I can do.

I can't help it, y'know i tried and tried.
I can't help it baby, if you're not satisfied.
I can't help it if you don't want this heart of mine
and you don't want to give me a little of your time.

I can't help it, honey, if you don't understand
you hold my heart in the palm of your hand.
I can't help it if you don't love me too.
so i guess there's nothing more that I can do.

Spent too many nights,
longing for your kiss.T
oo many days,
your loving arms I miss.
But if you can't see what you got standin' right here in front of you.
Then I guess there's nothing more that I can do.

So, I'll move on now, and I'll let you be.
I'll move a long now and I'll set you free.
Someday you'll realize what just passed you by.
And you'll ask yourself this question and be wondering why.

But I'll find another, I have no doubt.
I've had a thousand offers and I just shut them all out.
but I've been hoping and prayng someday you'll come around
and finally realize what you found.

I've tried it all
I've tried everything!
I've cried and I cried
and I wonder why I cling.
It's all so clear to me now
that you'll never love me too.
So I guess there's nothing more that I can do.

I'm not like any other woman
you ever knew.
So now i guess there's nothing more, there's nothing more, that I can do.


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Set List

Combination of originals and eclectic covers
Let it Slide (original blues)
Another Lover (original folk0
Not that Easy to Forget (original country)
All I Can Do (original country/folk)
So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams)
I Am Blessed (original inspirational country)
Wade in the Water (spiritual)
Kyrie (original popular folk)
Just Keep Going (original folk)
I Am the Glass (original folk/country)
I Hope You Dance (country)
Arms of the Angel (popular)
I Saw the Light (country)
This is a small sampling of the songs I usually perform. Sets can be as long or as short as needed but generally not exceeding an hour before I take a break.