J. Carlton Ford

J. Carlton Ford

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We are Debt Warriors! Think of Dave Ramsey meets Clark Howard with a backbone! We are former legal assistants in a Bankruptcy Prevention Law Firm and fierce consumer advocates.


As Legal Assistant in a Bankruptcy Prevention Law Firm, I reduced debt for many of the Firms Client's by thousands of dollars.

I'm proud to say, I settled client's Debts' by 50% on average!

After a while I realized, that the Law Firm (and 95% all other Debt Help Services), forced their clients' to go into debt to get out of debt. And it gets worse.

I witnessed how many so-called "non-profit "Debt consolidators" get "kick-backs" from the banks and credit credit card companies.

Many Debt Consolidation Companies are really on side of the Creditor not of their customer.

"I realized that the 95% of Debt Help Companies manipulate people into staying in debt for as long as possible".

Everyday, I see people giving up and filing Bankruptcy because they aren't getting the proper credit coaching they need from other Debt Help Companies.

Most Debt Help companies just take your money every month. They will only call if you've missed a payment.

Many Debt Consolidators lack the proper credit coaching skills you need.

99% of Debt Help Companies couldn't teach you how to tie your shoes.

99% of Debt Help Companies keep you in debt for as long as possible because keeping customers in debt keeps the Debt Consolidator in business! Think about it.

99% of Debt Help Companies will deny you access! Not Debt Warriors!

Debt Warriors teach you everything you need to know to settle your debt for pennies on the dollar!


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Our sets are one hour to two hours long. We do one set and a question and answer section.