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Debutante Savant

Band Hip Hop Comedy


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Audience Member Review"

Saw these guys on Saturday night....yah, yah, been done Beastie Boys type stuff but god damn, they were hysterical.

Have not laughed that hard in a long time! -


Very Classy Demo - now available

Spread the Love - Mixtape coming this spring

Full length album coming this summer



In the year 2152 Professor Phd was in his laboratory tinkering with his new invention, the instant female orgasm laser ray gun, but when he tested it on one of his ladies she disappeared! The Professor was in a panic until she suddenly reappeared moments later. She said that she was transported to a land of cavemen who almost took advantage of her when she found herself back in the lab. Phd realized that he had accidentally invented the time machine.

After months of experimentation and tweaking he was ready to use the time machine for the best reason he could think of, fucking chicks from different times. He thought he would need a partner in crime for double penetrations and as a wingman. His research pointed to one man. The founder of ....England....'s famed Hellfire Club, Sir Francis Dashwood. He set the time machine for 1740 and hit the big red button.

The time machine startled the orgy participants in the cave. The leader, Sir Francis Dashwood approached its phallic shaped hull. Out stepped the Professor, making first contact and convincing Dashwood to join him in his conquests. After a night of wench soaking debauchery they stepped into the machine and set the timer for random, not knowing what adventures awaited... ..

They ended up in the year 2007 just outside of a strange looking door. The sign above it read "Sex-a-licious Dungeon of Danger and Curly Fries". They entered, only to find that this was some sort of sex dungeon. The strange thing was that they only saw women there until their eyes caught the focus of their attention. O' Finnigan McGillicutty sat at the back of the room holding court with his ladies. He held a sign with an arrow pointing to his groin that read "Meet Captain Salty!!"

The professor didn't even finish the first sentence of his plan before Finny agreed. They celebrated by satisfying all the patrons of the Submarine Lounge as a team. Finny sounded the klaxon for the ladies to leave and the 3 perverts were ready to jump to another time... ..

To their dismay, however, it was discovered that a bottle of lube had been spilled on the control surface. They tried to start it up but only caused smoke and crackling before the machine finally fell silent. Finny offered to repair it by sweetly humping it but Phd assured him it was too late. They were stuck in this time forever.

They looked at each other and knew there was only one thing they could do. Start the dirtiest hip hop group the world had ever known. That night they penned their first song "The Monkey Brought the Pasty Glue (Eat It)", the rest is history…