We would die for each other. We would die for our fans and we live for music!!! We are only one band, but one band is all it takes. ROCK IS NOT DEAD!!!


Rock and Roll, Drugs and Sex. In that order, We care more about the music the four of us make than any other thing. I get more high and turned on with the connection to the audience than I do anything else in the world!

Trocadero(Mainstage) Philadelphia, Pa
Theatre of Living Arts(TLA) Philadelphia, Pa
Northstar bar Philadelphia, Pa
Pontiac Grille Philadelphia, Pa
The M Room Philadelphia, Pa
The Fire Philadelphia, Pa
The Barbary Philadelphia, Pa
The Five Spot Philadelphia, Pa
The Dungeon Philadelphia, Pa
Harry Kat's Aston, Pa
Legacy Av Pro Production Aston, Pa
Speakeasy Upperdarby, Pa
Groundfloor Newark, De
Eastend Cafe Newark, De
Fenario's Westchester, Pa
Noodle's Tattoo Party! Oxford, Pa
Kayvee Fest Oxford, Pa
Octararo Hotel Oxford, Pa
Aristotle Fly Festival Oxford, Pa
The Garage Kennet, Pa
Ridge Bar and Grille Pottstown, Pa

Loud n Local w/Tommy Conwell 94.1 WYSP Free Fm
Metal Friday's w/Evil Ace 93.1fm
Millersville College Radio

Emergenza Festival-Winning 5 out of 6 shows!!!
Miller Lite Battle of the Bands-Placed 2nd!!!

The Kennet Paper-The Road of Excess Leads to Decadence Dec.7-13 2006
P.A. Word of Mouth Magazine-Best Show of the Week Jan.2006



Written By: Decadence

You don’t even know what the fuck you did to me
Everyday felt the same for all eternity
How long has this ghost been following
Mend my heart and take this pain away!
the same thing!
When nothing changes!
nothing change!
Just one fix to make you understand
to make you understand, to make you
Toxin spreading suicide
I wasn’t dead, was I alive?
You fucking(x3)
Fucking bitch!!!
I owe you nothing(x3)
Take the pain away!!!(Point the finger!!!)
My gun comes in the shape of a needle
My God races to fill the hole

I don’t care about what you did
I just care about what you’ll do
Refrain: (repeat)

A drug is drug is a drug is a drug is a drug is a drug is a drug!!!
Chorus:(repeat 2nd half)

I’m changing everything
Right now before I die
Can’t explain!
All this pain!
All my pain!
All my pain!
Fuck you!!!(x3)

Never Go Back

Written By: TV

Here in the city
I hear sirens
Maybe a sign of danger
Chaos theory in effect
In the country
It¡¯s the equivalent
to a bird singing
and I feel the despair
But is this the way it should be?
Lucky Charms
And your Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Everything made into a logo
The symbol
of what you represent
and not what you are
You know what I¡¯m saying
But you still buy into it
Murderer in the elevator
looking for food
Spiritual or material?
Never did trust you
Never will
How can I
when you don¡¯t trust yourself
and it¡¯s naive¨@
I know the aura of the succubus
I don¡¯t even have to look in your eyes
The plot behind the mask
with a libidinous act
Just enough to keep you hooked
All the while with wile
Like a good drug made with bad ingredients
But I still play along
Same ol¡¯ song
Same ol¡¯ memorized line
Same ol¡¯ feeling
All the time
What am I suppose to be
moment or century?
Who really cares
(Never would) omitted
We are all humans
playing the mind games
Same ol¡¯ song
Same ol¡¯ feeling

With true love
I open my eyes up
to see you there
to see you
see you
But in my heart
you¡¯re still here
But still so far away

Lost to the one you can never go back to!
How can I feel this way?!
Lost to the one I can never go back!
I loved you!
Visualize your face so I can push the pain away!
But you just go!

So close to you
It¡¯s almost real
But I can¡¯t
See you
Your beautiful
And it¡¯s going away!


Getting in the way is what you said
You never felt this way, but you¡¯d never admit
that our love for another was beyond forever
but you ripped my heart out for another lover
And you said and you said that you loved and you loved
and like a real man I never lied
than you fell for pretty boy smile
Now all you¡¯ll marry is a Christian facade!!!


Never back and you¡¯re going away!
Never back and you¡¯re going away!
You¡¯re going away!!!(x4)


1st album, Decadence-The Poison Demo's
2nd album, Decadence-Atlas of Perversion
and currently working on our third album.

Set List

We usually play 45-60 min. sets or what is asked of us. We play only original music unless asked to play some covers which include White Zombie, Metallica, Pantera and even Elvis Presley!