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Albany, New York, United States

Albany, New York, United States
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"Women In Music"

“Real women singing real music”. I couldn’t put it any better myself! As this is exactly the sound of this album. If I had to describe it by comparing them to other similar sounding bands/artists then I would ask you to imagine the Allman Brothers Band or Lynyrd Skynyrd being fronted by Gretchen Wilson and Susan Tedeschi. Sounds awesome, right?! If you’re a fan of country, rock or blues or even folk and strong female vocals then you will love this album.

The first track ‘Empty All Your Lead’ is a great opener and probably my favourite on the album. A great introduction, really showcasing their powerful vocals. A very catchy tune from the off, sets a high standard for the rest of the album to follow, which it does. The next track ‘Me Generation’ continues the upbeat, toe tapping, rocky feel of ‘Empty All Your Lead’ and includes some great harmonies. Then things get toned down with the mostly acoustic ‘All of the Cracks’, a great little track, perfect for a drive. Then come the ballads, ‘Inner Voice’ and ‘Bridge of Regret’. I’ve never been a massive fan of any sort of ballads but they fit in well with the album and are very well written. Back to another foot stomper ‘Scream for Me’ and then on to the title track ‘Love Loud’ with it’s rather haunting vocals, different from the rest of the album which I think is a good thing, mixes things up and then the album closes with ‘Free, Right, 21’ which, for me, is another stand out track and probably my second favourite song on the album.

Overall this is a great debut album, well written, well produced with some cracking classic songs. These are two very talented women! It’s a real grower, the more i’ve listened to it, the more I’ve liked it. Nothing essentially ground-breaking or new regarding the actual music but these women send out a great message and that’s important, especially to this blog. It’s all about the empowerment of women. We can write and perform damn good music just as well, if not sometimes better than our male counterparts. And this is also regardless of our views or how we look. ????? (and ½)

If you like ‘Empty All Your Lead’ then i’d strongly recommend you buy the album here!

Decadence have some shows coming up in New York so if you can get to one, don’t miss out! - Helen Evans


Still working on that hot first release.



Decadence is an Adirondack roots rock band featuring Jennifer Gadway, Katy Cole, Chris Schempp, Tommy Ryzuk and Matt Dower. Decadence’s music is diverse, fusing rock, blues and country music to create a new sound. In June of 2012, they released their debut album, “Love Loud”, which proved to open many doors to the band, gaining them fans in the rock and country genres. Since June, they’ve regularly played in NYC at notable venues such as Tammany Hall, and the Shanghai Rock Hotel. They’ve also done strings of shows in Nashville, Orlando and Tampa, FL.
The band recently recorded at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville to complete their new EP, “Tales from the Mountains,” a cycle of songs that tell a wild and vivid tale of life, lust, love, and death. “Tales from the Mountains” has already been praised by some of the biggest names in country music as “new, fresh, and unlike anything you’ve heard.” New tracks, “Too Much Fun,” and “Dogtown Cadillac” have already received airplay from numerous radio stations and have had an overwhelming response from listeners and fans.
While the band is excited about their upcoming release of “Tales from the Mountains”, they are still hard at work in the studio completing their full length album, as well as playing at a venue near you! To keep up with Decadence updates, go to,,,