Decadent Nation

Decadent Nation


A hard rock band with influences ranging from Led Zepplin to Rage Against The Machine. Decadent Nation's music is high-energy and guaranteed to release the beast within!!


Emerging from Mid-Missouri in 2004, Decadent Nation quickly developed their talent for packaging socio-political messages into their own style of high-energy hard rock.
Since the release of their debut album, PuLsE, in November, 2005, Decadent Nation has headlined or played over 100 shows around Missouri, and have opened for national acts Powerman 5000, Three Days Grace, Lacuna Coil and Shadows Fall. Decadent Nation draws from musical influences such as Tool, Rage Against The Machine, The Mars Volta, Led Zeppelin, and Queens of the Stone Age, to literary influences Ralph Emerson and George Orwell.
Having established a solid fan base, Decadent Nation is looking forward to the upcoming release of their single, “Too Right”, which will be released in the fall of 2007.
In both its recorded and live incarnations, Decadent Nation’s overriding goal is clear cut: urging audiences to be comfortable with being bad. “There are so many taboos in our society about stupid bullshit like sex and drugs and stuff like that, but there’s a release in our music that we like to try to instill in others,” lead singer, Colin LaVaute, explains, “Nonchalantly talking about those kinds of things – being a part of Decadent Nation – just means allowing yourself not to worry about those taboos and give into the beast every once in awhile.”


PuLsE (released 2005)
* Decadent Nation's debut album.
* Sold/distributed over 5,000 units.

Set List

Tequila Kisses
Sound the Horns
Too Right
High Horse
Breaking the Vein
We all are Alone
One with the Machine
Little Mushrooms
How Long
Mindless F*!k
Omnifi Antimatter
Animal (Pearl Jam)
Bomb Track (Rage Against the Machine)