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Denver, CO | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Denver, CO
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Alternative Indie


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"Get to know a Denver band: Decatur"

By: Alli Andress Dec 4, 2015

“Decatur brings an atmospheric feel to modern alternative rock, a la Imagine Dragons or Kings of Leon, and we experiment along the lines of Alt-J,” the Denver band’s backup vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Quinn Cox told AXS during a recent interview. “Also, after the show sometimes we jump in the pool and take off our clothes.” Together for a year, the alt-rock quintet are in the process of crafting their debut EP. Quinn offered a glimpse into Decatur’s background, process, and goals in this exclusive Q&A.

AXS: Are you Denver natives? If not, where is everyone originally from?
Quinn Cox (vocals, guitar, keyboard, harmonica): Sean Decrescenzo [vocals, guitar] and Tay Hamilton [guitar, vocals] are Denver natives. I am from Tucson, Chris Howard [drums, percussion, vocals] is from Saginaw, Michigan, and Sam Oatts [bass, vocals] is from Nyack, New York.

AXS: What brought Decatur together?
Quinn: I was working with a producer, Lance Bendiksen, writing songs and recording when we felt it was time to form a band. We did interviews for singers and Lance knew Chris and Tay. We rocked and the rest is the future.

AXS: How long has Decatur been together? What have you learned during that time?
Quinn: It's been about a year. We have learned what our sound is and we are working to record as much of that sound as possible in our new EP. Also that the Denver music scene is great, growing fast and we want to be as big a part of it as possible.

AXS: Where was your first show in Denver, and what was the experience like? Who else did you play with at the show?
Quinn: Our first show was at The Walnut Room, one of the best sounding small rooms in Denver. Our rehearsal space is also on the property so we are very much regulars. The show was awesome. We worked our whole first year writing songs and rehearsing the best show possible and it went really well. The room was almost capacity and all the bands had a great time. Afterwards the bass player for the opening band rocked jazz piano at the after party in our rehearsal space. Champagne flowed and we had a ripping party.
Mitchel Evans opened, followed by Decatur, and then New Ben Franklins closed out the night.

AXS: Have any Denver musicians inspired Decatur?
Quinn: Tay is the definition of Denver musician. He grew up in the Denver music scene, plays in a few bands in town and masters his craft. Tay definitely inspires us daily.

AXS: What projects are Decatur currently working on?
Quinn: We are recording our first EP and playing with as many great bands in town as possible.

AXS: What else is Decatur involved in locally, either as individuals or as a group?
Quinn: Sean is a student at DU, a songwriting machine, and a regular man about town tearing it up, I record other local artists and score indie films in my studio as well as publish a little music for TV, best placement National Geographic channel's Mega Factories, Tay does studio guitar work, drives touring bands around town and plays in Hi-Strung and Hot Apostles as well, Chris is a rising star on the comedy scene and writes novels,runs, reads, writes for "She" and is a robot, Sam plays lead trumpet for Annie off-Broadway tour 2015 and is currently scarcely available.

AXS: Does Decatur have a goal in mind for the sound the band produces? Are there certain influences or themes the band tries to inject into its own music?
Quinn: We strive to be current, original and true to ourselves. We also try to avoid settling for what works and instead look for something awesome or cool sounding. Lots of parts. Lots of space. Lots of fun.

AXS: For someone who has never seen or heard Decatur, what would you tell them to entice them to watch your set?
Quinn: Decatur brings an atmospheric feel to modern alternative rock, a la Imagine Dragons or Kings of Leon, and we experiment along the lines of Alt-J. Also, after the show sometimes we jump in the pool and take off our clothes.

AXS: What would your ideal live show look like? Where would it take place? Any particular time of year? Would a specific band/musician share the bill with or open for Decatur?
Quinn: Red Rocks, Friday August 19, 2016 opening for Alt-J who opened for Coldplay featuring members of Kings of Leon. Or in the real world... the Bluebird Theatre in Denver with anyone, any time.

AXS: What shows are you looking forward to over the next few months?
Quinn: Always look forward to seeing any bands out in Denver. The scene is awesome. Really looking forward to playing and watching at UMS next year.

AXS: What do you enjoy most about Denver’s music scene, and why?
Quinn: The music is diverse and you can find super pros in every genre. It's at an exciting point in it's growth and we feel lucky to be a part of it at this pivotal time. - AXS

"INTERVIEW: Denver's Decatur Talk About Their New EP & Plans for the Summer"

May 22, 2017

Denver's Decatur have one incredible summer ahead of them. With their debut EP out soon, a release party coming up on June 9th and even a guitar giveaway in the works, these next few weeks certainly promise to be exciting.

Decatur's wide range of sounds stems from the members' shared experiences in the music industry. Members have performed across the United States and Mexico at venues including the House of Blues Chicago (opening for All Time Low), The Walnut Room , the top of Red Rocks Amphitheater and VANS Warped Tour. With a strong musical background and big plans for the future, Decatur will easily go far, and you're going to want to be there from the start! Catch the band live at their EP launch party at The Walnut Room in Denver, CO on June 9th. Tickets are available here.

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about Decatur for anyone who might not be familiar?

Decatur is an Alternative Rock band based in Denver, CO. Our collective has extensive and varying backgrounds which leads to a deep and atmospheric sound. Sean DeCrescenzo, our front man, brings it all together with his songwriting and dark vocal tone. There’s a lot of modern elements and plenty of guitar work in this band which is something that sets us apart from other sounds out there right now.

Prior to forming Decatur, you’ve all had quite a bit of experience in the music world. What are some important things you’ve learned that you’ve brought into this project?

Sean DeCrescenzo: I think that my approach to songwriting has always been modesty. I’m not trying to write the best song out there. Just the best song I can in the moment. I won’t force a song to go where it doesn’t want to naturally go.

Quinn Cox: I think patience also pays off. Knowing when a song is done is a process on it’s own and we try to ride the line of complete but still visceral and alive.

Is there anything that you’d like to try or accomplish with Decatur that you maybe haven’t been able to do in other projects?

Quinn: I feel that I have already accomplished a few of my long term goals with this project. I have always striven to make a collection of music that reached the peak of the band at the time. I am very stoked on the final product and each song is better than I could have imagined at the outset. I really just want to get as many people to hear it as I can.

Sean: Coming from a background in mainly folk rock and acoustic guitar Decatur gave me change to branch out and explore sound a bit more. Over the past two years the guys and I came into a sound that we didn’t expect to find. I really just want to pursue that and find where the sound and the project takes us.

You guys are just getting ready to release your first EP, as well! Going into writing and recording it, did you have any major goals in mind?

Quinn: Just a great final product. I was lead engineer for the project and really wanted to get elbows deep in something I would appreciate forever. There were a lot of other hands in there and lots to manage. Jon Bonus and from SIDE 3, Xandy at Mighty Fine Productions, Brian Malouf on the mix and Dominic Maita Mastering.

Sean: I think our end game was trying to understand who were were as a collective. It wasn’t about finding our individual sounds in the project but finding our sound as a whole. We really wanted to make the best record possible and in the end I think we’re all satisfied with what we ended up with.

Were there any subjects or themes that you wanted to touch on with the EP?

Sean: There's a lot that went in to the process of this record and it touches on a lot of specific moments in our lives. For me the record was almost a coming of age. There are some songs that touch on parts of my life I hadn’t revisited in years. I think that there are undertones throughout the record, whether it be in the music or the lyrics, that speak to the dark moments of our lives.

Quinn: Sean wrote a lot of the lyrics on this record and it has the dark residue from the angst of a life lived in the ever expanding digital world we live in. I am always trying to find the veins that connect me and my experience to a potential listener. How do we share reality or whatever this is.

What was it like to get to work with Lance Bendiksen and Brian Malouf for the EP? What were they able to bring to the table to help create the best release possible?

Quinn: We were very excited to have the opportunity to work and create with Lance. Lance knows real music and what makes great music great. He gave us loads of guidance and definitely pushed us for more and a little more …and some more, when we thought we may have finished. The experience and musicians he brought to the record ( John Magnie from the Subdudes, Billy Payne of Little Feet and the Doobie Brothers and Percussionist Christian Teele) really made this whole thing possible and I feel lucky for the experience.

Brian Malouf is where it’s at when it comes to a mix. The way he can elevate a track to it’s fullest potential is a true art and I couldn’t be more excited about the mixes he made.

Tay Hamilton: I have worked with Lance in the past and it has always been a learning experience. He does not tell us what to do, he listens to what we already do and shows us how to do it better. Sometimes I don’t even realize it until I hear the end result. I’ve learned to trust his ear even if at the time I think otherwise.

What would you like listeners to be able to take away from the EP or your live performances?

Sean: The theme throughout the album has to do with the dark side of human nature. However, I really think that reflecting on that is something that we should do so we don’t fall into bad habits. But with the live show we really just want people to walk away having felt the energy that we put out there.

Tay: Musically speaking, you are going to hear a little bit of everything but the songs are crafted in such a way that it just flows.

Next month, you’re celebrating the EP release with a launch party at The Walnut Room. What can listeners expect from the upcoming show?

Tay: You are going to have a great fucking night!! Five bad ass motherfuckers are going to walk on stage and soothe your soul with their musical foreplay just to flip your head upside down and rock your face off!!

Quinn: It is definitely a long time coming and we have a lot of excitement about the project and the results we achieved. It’s going to be a celebration of music and the friends we have made along the way. We are also giving away a Fender Special Edition Telecaster to one lucky fan as well as 2 free tickets to the show. We have gratitude for the opportunity to make art and share it with the world and that will shine through.

Do you have any other big plans for this summer?

We have a top secret, surprise performance coming up we're stoked to announce... we could tell you now but, of course, we'd have to kill you. We are always working on new fun ways to bring Decatur to the people aside from shows and new music so keep your eyes and ears out!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks very much to The Prelude Press for taking part in the experience and helping us share our excitement about the project and upcoming show! - The Prelude Press

"Decatur Unleashed Their Dynamic Debut EP at The Walnut Room"

June 13, 2017
By: Jura Daubenspeck

Last Friday, June 9th, Denver’s Walnut Room was filled with a plethora of drinks, tasty pizza, and a unique lineup of music. The energy was high, and people were movin’ and groovin’ in any way they knew how. The evening celebrated the release of Decatur ’s debut EP, Before The Bulb’s album, and Whimsically Macabre Music’s general impressiveness.
Stacy Fahrion.

Stacy Fahrion of Whimsically Macabre Music took to the stage first, blowing everyone away with her lightning fast piano compositions and unusual twists to well-known nursery rhymes. Starting off the evening with dark and edgy alt-classical music was as fitting as it was eye-opening.

Colorado’s experimental alternative rock group Decatur took to the stage second, and gave a performance that was dynamic and exciting. The five-piece band, consisting of Sean Decrescenzo (frontman/guitar), Tay Hamilton (lead guitar/backing vocals), Quinn Cox (lead studio engineer/backing vocals/guitar/keys), Chris Howard (drums/backing vocals), and Chris Rybitski (bass) were clearly feeling good, as this performance honored the release of their debut, self-titled EP.

Decatur’s newest EP has a brooding, edgy feel to it, yet the band delivered the music in a way that was clear they were having a great time. Decrescenzo’s moody lead vocals were well-suited for songs such as “Don’t Talk,” “Cold,” and “New Way To Love,” and were paired perfectly with Hamilton’s electrifying guitar-work. The band also played a previous single of theirs, “My Desire,” which absolutely got the crowd up and moving, if they weren’t already.

Decatur is proving themselves to be a band to look out for, as they’ve already attracted the attention of award-winning producers such as Lance Bendiksen. Their raw, atmospheric energy and fine-tuned attention to detail leaves listeners wanting more even after they’ve left the stage. They also manage to pull off looking generally cool, without the inflated egos. Their EP is available to stream and download.
Before the Bulb.

Before the Bulb closed out the night with a vibe that was quite different than the previous performers, but still kept the tempo high. The six-piece band, which blended violin, piano, upright bass, drums, and guitar, came together to create the sounds of “gypsy-rock-bluegrass-punk.” It was a stellar combination, to say the least. The band was also celebrating their release of their album, “Opera in the Whale” which is available now.

Overall, the evening catered to many different musical palates, ranging from dark horse indie-classical sounds of Whimsical Macabre Music, to Decatur’s experimental/atmospheric rock, to, as Before the Bulb puts it, “some form of rock.” It was an exquisite evening filled with talented musicians celebrating their months of hard work.

Be sure to check out Decatur’s newest EP (free to download!) on their website, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and iTunes. And don’t be shy- connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get the conversation going!



Still working on that hot first release.



    Inspired by the works of Kings of Leon, Imagine Dragons and Alt-J, this five

piece Denver-based super group balances their fresh and original take on

the alternative rock world, with an intricacy and experience that separates

them from others in their scene. Decatur released their first EP, self-titled

“Decatur,” in April 2017, available for streaming at, SoundCloud and bandcamp.

Decatur’s sound consists of unique and slithering guitar rock, featuring

atmospheric and musical instrumentation and synths that orbit the magnetic

and brooding voice of front man Sean DeCrescenzo. The final product is a

multi-media sculpture that is dark yet effervescent and raucous in its



Quinn Cox - lead studio engineer, backing vocals, guitar, keys

Sean DeCrescenzo - front man, guitar

Tay Hamilton - lead guitar, backing vocals

Chris Howard - drums, backing vocals

Chris Rybitski - second chair bass, current bass player

Sam Oatts - original bass player


”It’s like having a young ‘Eagles’ in house, but with a
contemporary and much edgier rock feel. This is a musical
ride you’ll want to jump on.”
- Lance Bendiksen, Emmy & award-winning producer


Alternative rock




SOCIAL: @decatur_band

Instagram: @decaturband


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