Powerful and uplifting modern day rock band that has been compared to Muse and Snow Patrol yet draws its influences from R.E.M. and Led Zeppelin.


The debut album by Deccatree is called Battle of Life, a title that by now has about as many meanings for the band as notes that are played on it. Soaked in their brand of sinewy, Beatle-y pop; exquisitely layered arrangements; and succulent, stick-in-your-head riffs. It’s gorgeous, uplifting music. "The Battle of Life isn’t just about my life—it’s about my dad’s life, my wife’s life, about my artist friends and club-owner friends trying to keep their dreams alive," singer/guitarist Chris Karn explains.

Released in 2005, Deccatree has followed up their debut with 10 film and TV placements, a West Coast Tour, a live album (Thank You), and started recording the songs which will encompass 3 EP releases in 2007 (the first of which will be released in July 2007). Staying so ambitious and prolific has been a battle, but that is the cost of cutting your own path.

The song "Belong", off of Battle of Life, won the award for Best Song of the Year at the 2007 Orange County Music Awards. Deccatree was also the recipient of the Best Alternative Band award at the Orange County Music awards in 2006, and the recipient of the Best Indie Band award at the '07 OCMAs.



Written By: Chris Karn

One shoe hit the ground
and I’m waiting for the other to fall
The wounded in this world
I can hear their calls
They say they’re looking for some inspiration
some where to belong
Come to me for comfort

This is where you belong
This is where it’s all right
When everything is all wrong
Together we can make it right
We can make it all right, all right

There were others who came before me who left your glass half full
The questions you had inside you
were never answered until
Until we found each other
found where you belong
Now you’ve got this promise
Now you’ve got this song

If you’re looking for some inspiration
some where to belong
Don’t be looking to far, don’t be looking to far
No I never had an indication
that anything was ever wrong
This is where you belong
This is where you belong

What if I

Written By: Chris Karn

Staring out on over our ocean
When you look out the sea
Could I find to my amazement
What if I, what if I, what if I was meant to be

Could I fall just like an omen
A calling out of what could be
And when you’re wondering where you’re going in your life
What if I, what if I was what you see

I fell in my world and found that life was left behind
And I, I felt you holding my hand
Hold me up pull me back to life

Should I crawl back into the ocean
Should I go back just to see that I,
I was wrong for ever wondering what if
What if I, What if you were meant to be

If we could hear there’d be an answer
If we weren't blind maybe we’d see
Carry on now can’t we all be what we once were
Can’t we all just be


Written By: Chris Karn

I once, I once had the notion to
Sail a trip across the ocean for the
Body, body of the one that I adored.
Regrets, I regret to mention that I
Never, never got to mention
The words that never, words that never came forth.

Now I've been down for so long
Someone should take me away.

And the tears that follow
Its the tears that follow
All the things we never
All the things we should have said

Now if I, if I had another chance I'd ask you, cause I believe in romance.
Take my hand, show me the way.
Your hazel eyes are gone, and its too late to realize
You're all that I want, and I won't hesitate
Its too late to speak my mind, but my heart tells me what to say.

You should never run when you can hide
All these things that I kept, I kept inside
Sometimes you want to cry.
All alone and you can cry, its a bitterness, let them go.
Let it all fall.


Battle of Life (2005) - The tracks "Belong", "Angel", "What if I", and "String Song" have all received airplay on stations throughout the country. "Belong" and "Tonight" had a combined 10 Film and TV placements in 2006, on shows such as CBS' NUMB3RS and ABC's How I Met Your Mother.

Thank You (2006)

Tears (2006) - Single from new album due in July 2007. Receiving airplay on KMRJ and nominated for Best Song at Orange County Music Awards 2006

Set List

Typical set lists are 45 minutes, usually 7 to 9 songs. The songs include all songs off of our debut Battle of Life along with new songs that have been written. A usual set would be:

Wake Up
No Way
String Song

See a live video of the last two songs here: