Alternative Acoustic Rock and Folk from the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Powerful vocals and deep lyrics from lungs who grew up breathing the air of Canada's highest city: Kimberley, British Columbia; brought to the thick air of Canada's Metropolis.


Growing up in a town of 5,500 people, I played lead guitar and back up vocals for the band "Subliminal Exsistance". Upon graduation, the band members went there seperate ways. I recieved the Dogwood District Athority Award for my song "Narcotic Cancer" and went to Grant MacEwan's Performing Arts Program for Theatre, Music, and Dance, After compleating four years of performing experience in two, I hopped on a three day Greyhound trip with nothing but my guitar's and clothing to Toronto, "the BIG city" following my BIG dreams. In my home town, Subliminal Exsistance Recorded with Evan Biukart at the Mt. Baker recording studio and played small venues around the east kootaneys. I recently recorded twenty original songs with the help of "Kimberley Music Studio" May 25th 2009. This past summer I performed for Canada Day in Kimberley's Platzle Gazebo, a show at Kimberley's youth centre with "Speak of the Unknown", an improvized performance in the "Arts on the Edge" festival as well as in the Gazebo durring the farmers markets every sunday. Outside of my original material, I performed "A night of musical theatre with your singing bartender Drew Chale" for Kimberley's Ski Club at 'Mozarts Resturant Pub and Inn. I was also the Stage Manager/Sound Tech. and played the guitar for "Kimberley Summer Theatre".


"Five O'clock News" by Subliminal Exsistance, 2006.

"DECED" Demo of 20 original tracks by Drew Emerson Chale, 2009.

Set List

Full Show- 90 min plus: full demo cd with new songs and covers.

30-45 min mellow set: Starving Artist, Accept it, Didn't get to say, Narcotic Cancer, Nimbis, Thinking about you, Just n Sharren, Lucky Duck, Died in a Dream, Hold on, An Ending

30-45 min acoustic rock set: Picture perfect, Morals make a hero, The long ride, This bliss, A bohemian's journey, Green eyes, Jack Daniel's kiss, Perfect place, Bio Electricity, Following Dreams, An ending

Covers: Sleeping Sickness, Confidence-for you I will, I wanna grow old with you, Sunshine, Tears in heaven, Your song, Damn it/Adams song/ect, Good Riddance