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Deceiver-Into the Realms of Oblivion 1999
Deceiver-Let's Play God 2001
Deceiver(single)- I Drown Nameless 2002
Deceiver-Eyes Unborn 2003
Downtown Metal(compilation)-Eyes Unborn 2006
Deceiver(single)-The Soul Revolution 2007
Radio airplay (Radio Metal Storm), WVUM):
Into the Realms of Oblivion 2003
Let's Play God 2003
Eyes Unborn 2005
Streams @ myspace &
The Soul Revolution
Eyes Unborn
Let's Play God
I Drown Nameless
2 Roads, My Destiny (A Constant Forge)
A World in Slow Motion



It all started when two bright kids named Gary Barrientos and Carlos Delgado met each other after school outside of Gary's apartment. They were both wearing, coincidentally, MetallicA shirts and said "Hey!You want to jam?"
At that point in time, they were trying desperately to find themselves in a world of inane music. This attempt conjured a project that would be unleashed to the world as "DECEIVER". Not for a few years did anything special happen in their musical world.
Finally, the year 2004 proved that determination, perseverance, and conviction were key elements in unlocking the secrets behind an alliance of imaginations. With the addition of lead guitarist Mauricio Vera. He brought a different scheme, which only solidified an already firm foundation. A unique vision that blended and fused much more ground than ever before. Hungry for change in an all too linear metal scene, they have brought a whole universe of ideas in their music blending and meshing the discordant influences of such groups as Carcass, At the Gates, Fear Factory, the John Coltrane quartet,Ram-Zet, and Cryptopsy just to name a few.
It was the dawn of a new era. A light in the darkness that had once ended the band's high expectations, the past departures of former bass player Mario Biollo and guitarist Armando Saenz were not events to look back sorrowfully on.
As of 2005, Juan Santiago joined the collective. The quartet felt ready to extricate"Humanity On The Brink", their first project as a new band. This opus indisputably established them as a strong force in the metal scene, receiving great praise by their peers and fellow musicians alike. The band now constantly writing new music, recording, and gigging extensively, declares that there is no barrier they cannot breakdown. Only the past is the enemy. Confident of all positive things to come in the near future, their eyes are open wide. A monster waiting in the shadows....