杉並区, Tōkyō, JPN
BandClassicalNew Age

Melancholic, Noisy, Classical.


December is a Tokyo-based instrumental rock band, formed in 2008.

The band’s line-up has changed several time to this day.
The band currently consists of Shin-ichi Tahara (Guitar), Takuro Abe(Bass, Glockenspiel) and Shouta Mizuguchi (Drums).

December have released “a tower and the queen” (mini album) in 2009, “Credo EP” in 2010.
After that, the band has stopped the activity until 2013.

In 2013, December have reunion.
The band will release a new EP and first album in 2014.



Sep.2014    "TORSO EP"

17.June.2010    "Credo EP"

07.June.2009    Mini album "Tower And The Queen"