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"AZ Spring Break"

Friday night marked week three of AZ Spring Break series at Kokomo’s Bar and Grill. The night feature talent from both Hip Hop and EDM style artists.

Meeting in Lake Havasu from all around the country were three prominent figures in the EDM scene: KnowleDJ, Deceptaconz, and Tony Styles. The three DJ’s performed sets before and after Chanel West Coast’s performance.

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Minutes before getting on stage for her Rap performance, we spoke with Chanel West Coast. Many know Chanel as a MTV personality on shows such as “Fantasy Factory” and “Ridiculousness.” Coast is also a performing Hip Hop artist. Here is what she had to say about her time in Lake Havasu and her music career:

RSM: How was your day in Havasu so far?

C.W.C.: It was so much fun, I had the best day ever.

RSM: What did you do today?

C.W.C.: We went on a boat and we went out and made lots of other friends on other boats.

RSM: Is this your first time here?

C.W.C.: No, I have been here before. I’ve been here with family and friends years ago.

RSM: Very cool. How was your transition from TV to Hip Hop music. How did you get into the scene?

C.W.C.: I actually started with Hip Hop music. I met Rob Dyrdek through my Myspace Music page like years ago, and at that point I was already a rapper and singer. I have been doing music my whole life since I was a little girl, performing in talent shows. Hip Hop, dance, drama, choir, orchestra, everything you can do to perform in school as a kid, I did it. I somehow ended up on Rob Dyrdek’s show, but I have always been an artist first and foremost, that’s what I do. outside of TV, all I do is music. So to me, honestly, being a TV personality is a weird thing for me, I just know myself as a musician and artist, you know what I mean?

RSM: What were your biggest influences growing up?

C.W.C.: Well my dad is a D.J., so [he] obviously played a lot of music and my mom is a heavy-metal rock chick so I grew up listening to a lot of different music. When I was a little girl, both of my parents could see I was meant to do music so they always got me into it. Seeing them so into music is what got me into it as well.

RSM: What is it about Hip Hop that really pulled you in?

C.W.C.: Well, I wrote poetry since I was like 7. Naturally, poetry is basically rap. So loving music and writing poetry since I was a little girl. It kind of randomly happened randomly and naturally. I started writing raps over beats, so yeah.

RSM: What do you do in your spare time?

C.W.C.: I’m literally always doing music. I swear, that is my spare time, but when I really, really have spare time, I love to just chill. I love to travel too. I love to see new places. I want to see everything in the world.

RSM: Do you have anything to say to the people who came out to see you tonight?

C.W.C.: Yes! To the people who came out to see me tonight, I love you! Thank you for coming out here and supporting and I am about to give you a sick show.

The upcoming and final performer for the 2018 AZ Spring Break series at Kokomo’s Bar and Grill is Shwayze on March 30. As always, locals receive the cover charge waived for the night.

For more information, visit: AZ Spring Break - River Scene Magazine



Bradford "Deceptaconz" Smith is an American music producer, songwriter, engineer, and DJ from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He’s the founder of Deceptaconz Productions LLC. Currently on tour traveling across the US working out of Las Vegas, he is a full-time independent music producer and DJ thats making some notice with a hard electronic trap sound. He has received several television, commercials, and independent movie placements.
He has produced hits with a wide variety of Hip-Hop, Pop, EDM, Trap, R&B, Rock, Gospel, Country, and Soul albums. He has also had the pleasure of working with Grammy Award winning/nominated artist such as King Louie, Killer Mike, Bolo, M-16, Fatman Scoop, KnowleDj, and many more producers, artists and songwriters.
His music expands across many genres therefore you can’t place his productions in a box. He states “I am not defined by a music genre, so my music expands boundaries to take my music to the next level and beyond.

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