Alot of our writing is influenced by baroque and classical music. However, we enjoy making it heavy and driving; other times, we are not afraid of being more melodic and experimental. You can never tell where we will go.


Our influences come from anyone and everyone who is musical, but bands we admire are (just to name a few): Opeth, Bleeding Through, Lamb of God, Blood Has Been Shed, The Human Abstract, Chimaira, Pantera, Killswitch Engage, Between the Buried and Me...


We are currently working on our album, but we do have four of the songs up on our myspace page ( and

Set List

Usually 30-40 minutes, and right now, we only have 6 definite songs which are:
1) Broken
2) Dead on Arrival
3) Enganado ("betrayal" in Spanish)
4) Descend...
5) Rrabia
6) Despair and the Human condition
7) In the Absence of Light

We have about 7 older songs we used to play, but we prefer not to use them since our newer material has developed musically.