Decibel Hogg

Decibel Hogg

 Oak Park, Illinois, USA

Decibel Hogg is a "Rock and Roll Mutt" that tests the limits of contemporary song writing and instrumentation. Well known for their extremely tight rhythmic grooves and unique vocal style, they offer a refreshing sound with a new experimental twist on the rock genre as you know it. Live shows are fun and energy packed, aimed to stimulate the entire audio and visual experience.


Impressive gains are underway for 2011 while continuing to making a name for themselves on the Chicago scene. A full write up about the phenomenon called Decibel Hogg is anticipated with Chicago Rocker Magazine in June 2011 and Nationally distributed Relix Magazine says, "Decibel Hogg is a band on the Verge." Drew Scott, guitar/vocals, has toured and opened for legend Merl Saunders on and off since 1997 - sharing stages with greats like; The Jerry Garcia Band, David Grisman, Roy Rogers, Moe, Vince Welnick, Bill Kreutzman and a ton of others performing in all 50 states and several countries. Upright Bassist - Ryan Carney, and Guitarist - Quinn Scott both are recognized as having various graduate degrees in music while Mike Curran, a self-styled multi-percussive instrumentalist is proving to be one of the most sought after percussionists on the Chicago scene, honorably featured in a recent Single Strokes, New Blood article.


Currently, Decibel Hogg is finishing up their 2nd album to be released on vinyl in July 2011. Recorded in Evanston at The Cave, Robert Marshall, owner, has done an excellent job of capturing the band's vibe on the recording, mixing and mastering of this album. Marshall also contributes to producing the songs with a creative ear for "the now" while weaving traditional influences with inventive recording and mixing techniques. In addition to full string sections orchestrated by Carney, the album features Bill LeClaire of "Maudes" fame, adding beautiful piano and organ as well as Mike Hero with his DJ skills on the track "Carpe Diem Suckaz".