Deck of Jack

Deck of Jack


Deck of Jack (Electronic-Garage-Power-Pop) boasts an excitingly manic live show that will leave you bouncing weeks after your concert going experience has ended. Their blend of rhymes, electronics, turntablism, politics, and short little punk anthems play out like a real life mixtape.


After graduating from college in the late 90’s, Juiceman was forced to part with his band Milkweed, which had an amazing 3-year run wreaking havoc in college towns across western Pennsylvania. The Nirvana/Beastie Boys influenced act eventually found themselves banned from playing at their own college for throwing a rival music festival on the same day as one sponsored by their school.

The D-Boiz (a hip-hop outfit Juiceman originated) also found themselves splintered as group members relocated to different parts of the country. Still wanting to create and perform music, Juiceman dusted off a one time D-Boiz alias and formed Deck of Jack.

The band picked up where Milkweed and the D-Boiz left off, blending genres like a well made mixtape. Drawing on influences from punk, edgy-pop, hip-hop and electronic big-beat music—“Electronic-Garage-Power-Pop” was born.

Led by Juiceman (guitar and vocals), his best friend T-Bell (bass), and a drum machine named Elmo 2000, Deck of Jack quickly developed a name for themselves by playing out at any available college gig, backyard weenie roast, or house party. Because they didn’t have to lug a drum kit everywhere, Deck of Jack also went on to play a series of bedroom concerts for their more dedicated fans. In 1998 Deck of Jack stretched their fan-base and demographic even further by performing one of their most unique concerts at the Shaler Oaks Senior Citizen’s Apartment Complex (Pittsburgh, PA).

In 1999, Elmo 2000 puttered out at a house party and made his very last beat (Syracuse, NY). Juiceman’s dad came to the rescue and quickly sent him an early Christmas gift—a new drum machine—given the name Buttermilk Jones. Later that year, Deck of Jack performed at Milkit’s Milklenium Meltdown to usher in the year 2000, and little did Juiceman, T-Bell, or Buttermilk Jones know that this would be their final concert together. In the proceeding years Juiceman would relocate to New York City.

After a few years of inactivity, Juiceman yearned to reunite Deck of Jack, but encountered one big problem—he lacked a bass player (who not only had to play bass, but also had to have that something special). Little did he know that his bass player was right underneath his nose. While attending a concert together, Juiceman’s good friend Fuzz mentioned that it was his dream in life to perform in a band. Fuzz had the passion, but lacked one key ingredient—he didn’t know how to play any instruments. Juiceman came up with the only logical solution—he would teach Fuzz the bass.

That night marked the rebirth of Deck of Jack, and Fuzz has not put the bass down since. Later that year, Juiceman and Fuzz attended a Digital Hardcore show, and wooed drum machine Ichiro “Bad Boy” Jackson into joining the group. The trio began playing out in New York City, and immediately began receiving underground acclaim for their dynamic live performances. In late 2002 Deck of Jack recruited Scratch Academy graduate, B. Lums, into their line-up. With the addition of B. Lums on the turntables and keyboards, Deck of Jack added another sonic dimension to their already “big” sound.

With an excitingly manic live show, Deck of Jack will not be satisfied until they have all four-corners of the universe bouncing to their “Electronic-Garage-Power-Pop” sound.


State of the Movement

Written By: Deck of Jack

When I was a teenager I bought a guitar
I wanted to be a rock n’ roll star
Not a Rock n’ Roll star like Purple Rain
I just wanted to play guitar like Kurt Cobain
Get up on that mic and make lots of noise
Bounce around like the Beastie Boys
Say something real like Public Enemy
Minor Threat and B.D.P.
So I started a band, created a ‘zine
I tried to start a whole new music scene
But I was a dreamer it was easy to see
Cause the indie kids, they all laughed at me
And the hip-hop crew, this is what they thunk
Wouldn’t let me rhyme cause they thought I was punk
Was I punk? Please let’s just stop
My attitude was way too pop
With the cliques I did not click
No one was buying my shtick

Right now I’ve got an invitation
To all you pariahs across the nation
If you don’t fit in you must embrace it
If you have a dream you got to go out and chase it
We’re gonna pack this arc like Noah
Underdogs like Rocky Balboa
Everyone is invited
Together we stand united
Step back, curtsy, and bow
We’re taking control and it’s starting right now

This is what is on the brain
This is what is on the brain
This is what is on the brain
This is what is on the brain

Media Scare!

Written By: Deck of Jack

I was watching the news the other day
And had a hard time believing what the anchor had to say
It was scary—very
Very unnecessary
They were talking like the world’s going to end
Like this is the last day that we will ever spend
With our friends and fam’
Boys and girls what’s going on?
Are we on the same team? Or maybe I’m wrong
Maybe I’m wrong for singing this song
Or maybe I’m wrong for thinking too long
Why does the news? Why does the news hype?
Why does the news make people feel uptight?
We’re all in a panic, we’re all in a tizzy
This terror alert got America dizzy
Another form of paranoid rape
Go out and buy some plastic and a roll of duct tape
And everything will be safe and sound—there, there
Until the next scare

Scare the people with the nervous breakdown

With the nervous breakdown

Attention everybody get inside
Stay away from that cyanide
The color is orange, the terror alert
The threat is high, see you might get hurt
Now everybody check it, let’s be realistic
I understand that people in this world are sadistic
Yes—the world is at war
With the World War III and the World War IV
I might go to work—a terrorist attack
I could open my mail—and get anthrax
I might take a plane—it could get hijacked
I may be walking down the street and get shot in the back
But I don’t like the media causing a panic
What is a panic? It’s a story they planned it
More news—more reaction
More reaction—military action
Before you know it, everyone’s insane
News media white-washing your brain
Are you scared? Do you care?
Are you scared? Do you care?
Are you scared? Are you scared

Scare the people with the nervous breakdown
With the nervous breakdown

Panic, panic, panic and pray
To the M to the E to the D-I-A
Violence sells, murder and looting
And the news is always rooting for another school shooting
The great hype machine is working overtime
Let’s do a live remote from the site of Columbine
Let’s embed this seed into a kid’s head
The answer to his problem is to shoot his class dead
Wake up! Open your eyes
Can’t you see what’s going on guys?
How many times and it just ain’t right
If you watch the news tonight it will save your life
Rapists, killers, SARS, and war
Kobe Bryant and a crack house whore
Reality check—I’m kind of torn
Because the news media has a right to inform
But they don’t have a right to incite
And that my friends just ain’t right
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the terrorist of all?
Who’s the one that makes us scared?
Makes us beware—don’t breathe the air
I’m anxious, I’m anxious, I’m anxious, why?
I’m anxious, I’m anxious, I’m anxious, why?
I’m anxious, I’m anxious, I’m anxious, why?
I’m anxious, I’m anxious, I’m anxious, I’M ANXIOUS!

Scare the people with the nervous breakdown
With the nervous breakdown

Zamboni Man

Written By: Deck of Jack

Shave that ice...
Zamboni Man!

Smooth the surface, make it nice
Pop a wheelie, shave that ice

Shave that ice...
Zamboni Man!

Drives the zamboni just like a car
Steals nachos from the snack bar

Shave that ice...
Zamboni Man!

Smooth the surface, make it clean
Refill the change in the snack machine

Shave that ice...
Zamboni Man!

Puts on the blades, cuts a figure eight
His job never half-ass, always first rate
Wears a navy blue hat, has a peg leg hop
When it comes to the ice, he's an Eskimo cop
Got a bad temper, always seems feisty
Works at the snack shop pours me an Iceee
Fixes me a dog puts chili on top
Caught some punk stealing in the souvenir shop
Paint up the logo, Windex the glass
Uses blue paint for the two-line pass
Skinny and boney like my man Troy Loney
He is my homie--drives the Zamboni
Is my homie—drives the Zamboni!

Shave that ice...
Zamboni Man!

Drives the Zamboni, rides it all the time
Resurfaces the ice from blue line to blue line
Wheels near the board it's like gleaming the cube
You never (ever) see his face on the television tube
Between periods makes the ice look new
Checkin' out my man Mario Lemieux
He'll never win a Stanley Cup, he knows it too well
He'll never even make it to the N-H-L
Shaves the cold surface, the ice so precise
Handles the wheel like he's rollin' two dice
Ladies and gentlemen give him a hand
The unsung hero, Zamboni Man
Unsung hero—Zamboni Man!


4 Tracks of 4-Track EP
Easy Bake Album
Chin Music
Shock Box (coming out very soon...)

Set List

Set List is always changing. We usually get a 30-45 minute time slot to play (however, could play for hours and hours and hours)

Covers we've done?
"Just a Friend," Biz Markie
"Just What I Needed," The Cars
"Lovin' Feeling," Righteous Brothers
"Breed," Nrivana
"You Be Illin'," Run DMC
"Brainstew (Jungle Remix)," Green Day
"Talk," Tracy Bonham

A Recent Set List:

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Day That I Ruled the World
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