Declan Snowden & The Amazing Travelling Bears

Declan Snowden & The Amazing Travelling Bears


Galway-based acoustic act fronted by 22-year-old multi-instrumentalist Snowden. The self-titled lo-fi folk/pop debut album ranges from laid back ballads to fast-moving folk rock tunes. The live act has been described as intimate with the lilting melodies and dynamic changes drawing praise


“Declan Snowden & The Amazing Travelling Bears” is a Galway-based acoustic act fronted by 22-year-old songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Declan Snowden. The self-titled debut album is a lo-fi folk pop experience ranging from laid back ballads like “You May Find I’m Gone” and “You Can Call” to fast-moving folk rock as in “On My Own” and “So I’m Done”. The album was written, performed and produced by Snowden at his home studio tucked away in a small village outside of Galway. The DIY ethic is important to the philosophy of the act, and a warm lo-fi approach is key to the recorded sound. Inspiration is drawn from artists such as Van Morrison, Elliott Smith, Beach Boys and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Although a newcomer to the singer/songwriter scene, Snowden has been active in performing live with different bands and genres since 2003. The DS & ATB live act involves Snowden performing the songs solo with an acoustic guitar, harmonica, ukulele and whatever instruments are lying around. The live performances are intimate and warm with a few surprise covers thrown in. The lilting melodies and dynamic changes have drawn praise from the expanding local fan-base. A few small shows have been performed around Galway with plans for an Irish tour mid-Spring.


Debut album released Feb 2010: "Declan Snowden & The Amazing Travelling Bears"

Set List

Songs include the originals from the debut album and new compositions in the same vain. Typical gigs last one hour but the material is there for longer gigs. Covers have included "Michelle" by Beatles, "So Young" by Beach Boys, "Two-Headed Boy" by NMH and "Memory Lane" by Elliott Smith.