DECODER is the definition of double lead guitar power. Combining melodic riffs with jaw-dropping musicianship, DECODER leads a new generation of guitar-driven rock artists.


The origins of DECODER can be traced back to 2004, when David Bibona (lead guitar / backing vocals) began searching for musicians to start a heavy, melodic band that featured powerful double guitar work. Bass guitarist Joey Nova joined shortly thereafter, bringing thunderous tones from his vaunted Ric. Still looking for another lead guitar player, Dave reached out to his friends in the music scene. Ultimately, Master Luthier James Millinchuk, the craftsman behind Dave's unique "Sky Guitar" (a design borrowed from Uli Jon Roth of Scorpions and Electric Sun fame) introduced Dave to Peter Wysocki (lead guitar). Impressed with what they heard, Nova and Dave immediately asked Pete to join their as-yet-unnamed band, and the original core of the DECODER lineup was formed.

DECODER officially formed in late 2004 when Marc Davis (lead vocals)and Joe Pennello (drums) joined up with Nova, Pete, and Dave. Since its formation, DECODER has played in numerous locations, including NJ's Starland Ballroom, Dingbatz in Clifton, South Street Philadelphia, The Cup in Linden, Connections in Clifton, Asbury Park, Pourman's Pub in Manville, and Jake's in Montclair.

DECODER's attitude towards live performances seperates it from other local bands. Always energetic and never lacking pure all-valve guitar tone, DECODER has thrilled audiences with its unique blend of melody, onstage omnipresence, and amazing guitar leads.


Hollywood Nights (EP - 2005)
No Escape (EP - 2005)

Set List

In national act / tribute band environments, set length is typically around 40 minutes. DECODER only performs original music. A typical setlist includes the following:

Perfect Life
Road to Nowhere
All I Wanted
Don't Tell Me How to Care
Thulsa Doom

When headlining, the setlist is longer.