Deco Locomotive

Deco Locomotive


Imagining the Beatles with a funky John Bonham and Stevie Ray Vaughn dipped in sweaty roots blues riffs gives you an idea of what Deco Locomotive is attempting. Infectious melodies with a driving back beat will have you singing these choruses until your friends tell you to shut up.


Deco Locomotive blends rock, blues, and pop into powerful and diverse songs. Singer/songwriter Ted Christopher plays the piano like a percussion instrument, two keys destroyed and counting. Solo Chicago blues artist Adam Douglas pulls double duty as both guitarist and singer for some of the more soulful tunes. Northern Minnesota native Eric Kleven provides a skilled bass and from Denver, drummer Clint Carlson keeps the grooves interesting. From all over the country, with different styles and influences, the band members create a unique sound and an unforgettable live experience that can be described in many ways, but it is described best as Deco Locomotive.


Deco Locomotive Demo2007

Set List

1. Fake It 2. Trying Again 3. I Don't Min 4. You Know That 5. Now That She's Gone 6. Just What To Do 7. What I've Been Holding In 8. It's So Hard
9. Yes You Do (set run time 45 min.)