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"Human Condition Album Review"

Rating: 10 Out Of 10 - Reviewed by Bam-Bam

Since first hearing Deconstruct on their E.P. release of The Human Condition: Act 1 last year, I was eagerly awaiting this full-length release to see if they could keep up their stamina and impress me even more. My challenge was met with a resounding “Fuckin’-A” as The Human Condition is everything I dreamed it would be and more. Although it is easy to hear influences that resemble Sevendust, Alice In Chains, and even Korn on some of the tracks, Deconstruct never cops any of said bands’ sound and still manages to create fresh, new music within the Active/Agro Hard Rock genre. Superbly produced and brilliantly executed, you’ll have a hard time convincing yourself that this is an indie release that was completely self-financed and self-produced. Hand’s down this is the BEST indie Metal album I’ve heard since Godsmack’s All Wound Up release (which later became their debut album)! Radio and Metal Press is going to eat this one up! Tunes like “Time Kills” and “Thrown Away” are aching for Rock radio to discover their brilliant hooks, which I am sure will light phone lines up across the board. Diving deeper however, one finds that this is not just a band who wants to spend all their time on the radio, they still mean business in the Metal world as is evident by the rest of the album and their recent shows with Korn and Drowning Pool. Vocalist Skitz teeters in and out of different moods to keep the album very entertaining with a range that puts most of today’s singers to shame. Heavy grooves provided by drummer Frost and bassist Venessa (correct spelling) shake down every song like a bad cop on a drug bust. We’re also very lucky that guitarist Joe Fraulob hasn’t forgotten what it means to put shredding guitar solos into today’s Modern Hard Rock music. The guy is a monster!!! I seriously doubt there will be anyone who calls themselves a supporter of Metal or Heavy Rock Music who won’t find this one of the most impressive releases of 2005! Very, Very Highly Recommended!!! -

"Human Condition Album Review"

... the Sacramento, California-based quartet Deconstruct are about to become anything but underground. On the brilliant The Human Condition (2005), an expertly assembled ten song collection of relentlessly punishing, angst-fueled Heavy Metal, each track, beginning with the pummeling opener “Welcome To The End”, and the impossibly scalding “No Way Out”, immediately commands the rapt and undivided attention of even the most jaded and unimaginative of listeners (myself most definitely included) with a mostly mid-tempo barrage of multi-dimensional vocals, searing guitars and imaginatively punishing rhythms that are (despite being refreshingly imaginative and innovative), without a doubt, quite easily worthy of the highest of critical and commercial accolades.

Continuing with the maddeningly infectious “Automatic”, and the over-the-top (yet refreshingly ear-pleasing) “Parasite”, the steadfast combination of vocalist Skitz, guitarist Joe Fraulob, bassist Vanessa and drummer Frost steamrolls forward at an occasionally breakneck pace, further solidifying an already burgeoning and well-deserved reputation as a legitimate creative force not to be ignored amid the Southern California Hard Rock and Heavy Metal scenes. Other standouts, including the oddly thought-provoking (albeit sadistically punishing) tirade “Thrown Away”, and the equally impressive, self-explanatory tour de force “Queen Of Misery”, offer compelling further sonic evidence (though at this point, with the inescapable presence of such an immensely impressive pedigree, none is actually needed) in support of the completely unbelievable wealth of lyrical and musical wizardry at the smoldering epicenter of each truly breathtaking composition.

Even if you somehow find yourself unable to openly embrace all of the decidedly forceful wares contained herein, one must, at the very least, sincerely admire the ferocious foursomes unique ability to create impossibly heavy music without resorting to the shameless, Pop and payola-infused ploys of their few legitimate contemporaries. If you are looking for a thought-provoking alternative to the mindless din and clatter that is so often force fed en mass (anyone remember Staind?), then this, my friends, might just be the fist-pumping, mosh-inducing cure for what ails you. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

"Live Review"

I walked into The Boardwalk and the very first person I saw was the guitarist from Deconstruct. I recognized him immediately from their video. I introduced myself and he thanked me for coming and informed me that they were playin' next so I headed to the bar to get my buzz on. The band that was playing had their girlfriends and immediate family watching them and that was about it so I started to think it was going to be a dead show. Then towards the end of, ????'s set, people started showing up. When Deconstruct hit the stage (the club had filled up) jaws dropped. It was the first time I'd seen that happen. Nobody moved, nobody looked around. They just watched awe. It was cool as hell. The pull of the music soon drew people out of their trance, and the place got wild.

Deconstruct NAILED their set. I've been pounding their art into my head since I heard of them and I was seriously impressed with their performance. They play it like they wrote it. That part you love, no matter if it's a solo or just a certain attitude in the vocals, a pounding bass riff, or a drum fill that sends chills down your spine, they nail it!

Some bands can play their instruments well, but have no stage presence. Some bands have great stage presence, but no musical talent. Deconstruct has the whole package ready and waiting for some fuckin' lucky label to simply give them an outlet and make tons of cash off them. I'm suprised there aren't record labels pounding down their door to fuck this Virgin band. After Deconstruct finished, (so did the crowd) they mingled a little, soaked up the love and enjoyed the post-coital bliss. - Metal


Sign Of Things To Come: EP (2003)
The Human Condition - Act I: EP (2004)
The Human Condition: Album (2005)
Reborn: EP (2006) - Full album in Summer



DECONSTRUCT committed to being a national act right out of the gate. Our plan was simple, record the strongest music possible, send it everywhere, and gig our asses off across the country. We immediately recorded our first demo in Jan 2003 (produced by guitarist Joe Fraulob who has recorded a ton of California's heavyweights including the DEFTONES) and started sending it off. After hearing the demo, David Draiman and Dan Donegan of DISTURBED personally chose DECONSTRUCT to open the Music As A Weapon 2 concert at the San Jose Event Center. Attended by 5000, this was our first show. The buzz about our slamming live show (in particular the over the top presence of Joe and rock goddess bassist Venessa) started to grow and Bill Graham Presents arranged for DECONSTRUCT to open a couple amphitheater shows later that year; first Iron Maiden, Dio, and Motorhead then Def Leppard.

We kept working, recorded and released a second EP and played a bunch more high profile shows in 2004 (Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd, and Drowning Pool to name a few). Our EP was serviced to metal radio and received play on over 100 stations. DECONSTRUCT was added to full time rotation on commercial station WOBX (98X) in North Carolina. The high point of the year came in November, when we were chosen by multiplatinum act KORN and commercial station KRXQ (98 Rock) as main stage openers for the Korn, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, and Skindred concert at Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA. Awesome, playing in front of 10,000 in our hometown!

2005 saw a new level of busting ass, we released our first full-length album “The Human Condition” toured the entire country from CA to the highest point in Maine and everywhere in between. The Human Condition spent about a month in FMQBs top 25 metal radio charts. DECONSTRUCT won the Sacramento Area Music Award for best hard rock/metal act. While taking a break from touring, Joe got the call to audition for DANZIG, went in kicked ass and got the gig. He spent the end of 2005 blowing it up on the Blackest of the Black tour, playing sold out shows in front of 3000-5000 a night.

Now in 2006, the gloves are off. We are now quite simply determined to have the most mindblowing live show and hard rocking music imaginable. we revamped DECONSTRUCT in January 2006, adding Gwamba on vocals and guitar. After making a name for himself as one of the best metal guitarists in the Bay Area a decade ago (stints with Defiance and Fight), Gwamba went on to become an innovator in the bluegrass world, touring with legends such as Rambling Jack Elliot and Gordon Lightfoot. As fate would have it, he was ready to return to rocking and we needed a singer. Not just any singer, but Bon Scott meets Bruce Dickinson, and Gwamba nailed it, exactly what we envisioned.

Now the vision of DECONSTRUCT is complete: A unique voice which brings our blend of hard rock and metal to the forefront of a new movement in heavy music. A live show that is pure over the top passion and fire. Genuine HARD ROCK straight from the heart and balls. Let the music do the talking and listen!