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Normandie (CD/LP - Tactic Records 2007)

Track list:

1. Surname of Copenhagen
2. Europe Has No Heart
3. Karen
4. Evelyn
5. International
6. Departure
7. 11th (live)
+ Music videos: 'Surname of Copenhagen', 'Karen' & 'Evelyn'

LP-version: Alternative cover artworks and additional remix versions of 'Karen' and '11th'.



Band biography

”The wrist of the skyline is bleeding”
With that line Decorate. Decorate. has signed the wrists let alone the hearts of the music loving part of the Danish youth – and signed in on a proud musical tradition.
In December 2006 the single “Surname Of Copenhagen” entered a stunning 1st place at the highly acclaimed Danish national radio show “The Electric Barometer” beating the likes of Guillemots, Arab Strap and Danish top sellers Moí Caprice and Sterling. Thus the band aligns successful Danish artists like Psyched Up Janis (now The Raveonettes), Superheroes and Mew.

Decorate. Decorate. begins
The six band members started rehearsing no earlier than January 2006. Just half a year needed pass before their Myspace profile paid off. Danish music magazine Soundvenue, the e-zine and national TV chart show got hooked. All three music platforms acknowledged the value and characteristics of the gloomy lyrics, the insistent soundscapes and the challenging yet playful musical arrangements. Therefore Decorate. Decorate. was picked as Band Of The Week at (week 36), Weekly Recommendation at the TV show and Soundvenue Selected (week 24). And they were still to play their first concert.

Live on stage
In the middle of September 2006 the band made their live debut at Lades Basement – two days prior to a headlining gig at Stengade 30 (CPH). In October Blue Foundation (DK/JAP/UK) discovers Decorate. Decorate. at Myspace and ask them to partake in a huge beneficial concert at Ungdomshuset (CPH). More than 800 people shows and the band plays a stunning show - which their professionally recorded version of the song 11th shows for.

Since then the band has played Klub Futastic (Aarhus), Råcreme-festival (Vesterbro), Klub Tone (Copenhagen K), an effective night as opening act to the British band Guillemots at Loppen (Copenhagen) and sold out shows at Fabriken (Aarhus) and Rust (CPH) in January 2007. In addition awaits shows at Small VEGA (CPH), Musikcafeen (Aarhus) and Stengade 30 (CPH) plus many more still to be announced.

Decoration as an artistic mean and purpose
What does the band have to offer the listeners, the readers and the other romantics then?

Decorate. Decorate. has made a consistent choice to create art by means of music. To bring poetry back to melody, to recreate an atmosphere of movement and development of the mind. Inspired by artists like those in the COBRA movement and Michel Duchamps ideas of the free and boundary less concept of creativity pin pointed by his words “All associations are permitted”. Decorate. Decorate. offers their music to anyone with an artistic idea and approach – no matter the genre.

The editor of wrote the following after listening to Decorate. Decorate. for the first time:

“(…) Is the band name a repeated stuttering or an order? Maybe angrily screamed to your face? Or repeated as a whispering answer to Brandos the Horror, the Horror in “Apocalypse Now”? There’s something ragingly contextual and historically aware about this weeks band who mentions the author Houellebecq, the cabaretto Jacques Brel and the poet Baudelaire among their inspirators (…) The key to the expression is a mannered, detailed longing larger than the 24 time zones themselves. The longing springs from the body, the world, time – in a vocal based expression supported by versatile guitars and synths to create a picturesque course. The vocal is a British as opium in the white jacket pocket of a darkened dandy. And like the megalomania of Colonial Times when we are served a full front of pathos in the song Evelyn and we are closing in on a hit in Surname of Copenhagen.”

The words of music magazine Soundvenue and TV show ends this presentation:

“With roaring guitars and synths, a bass and drum construction strong enough to hold a bridge, and a singing dandy a la David Bowie who strolls over it, Decorate. Decorate. produce sleepily gloomy yet sharply scathing reports from emotionally reflective walks through the large city at night.”
- Soundvenue/ Jesper Vestergaard

“Impressive, grandiose and firmly produced. The guns are pointed directly towards the great disheartened feeling of alienation that hides inside every child of the city and every lone village clown.”
- LIGA.DK/ Kristian Leth