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Des Moines, Iowa, United States | INDIE

Des Moines, Iowa, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Breaking out of Des Moines"

Decoy Chris Ranallo, 32, is the singer and guitarist for Decoy, which plays a CD release party at 7:30 p.m. Friday at People's Court.

Starting a band: Decoy got its start as a band about a year and a half ago when Ranallo hooked up with Micah Wagner and Brian Herrin. Wagner and Herrin had been playing as a duo for a year and were looking to expand.

Solo vs. group: "I've always wanted to work in a group atmosphere. I love being in a band with five people dedicated to the same goal. It seems more collaborative, and you get more ideas. Five heads are better than one."

First album : "Live: The Police." "It's a killer album that I haven't listened to in forever. Even as a kid I could tell it was great musicianship."

Lofty ambitions: Members of the group have played in bands that have toured outside Des Moines, but Ranallo hopes to up the ante with Decoy. "We want to be the band that makes it out of Des Moines," he said. "We wanted to get a CD that is a great depiction of our music and take it across the nation."

Losing 'Nothing to Lose': Ranallo, Wagner and Herrin started recording the album "Nothing to Lose" with studio musicians on bass and drums, but when they added Jon Rosman and Fix Brown as permanent members they decided to reevaluate their work. "With new members the music had totally evolved and changed," Ranallo said. They started fresh. "It just felt better, like five musicians rather than three guys trying to write other parts."

You might not expect: Decoy performs covers of "What's My Name" by Snoop Dogg and "Heartless" by Kanye West.

"Both of those are fun. We throw our little twist on it," Ranallo said.
- Juice Magazine


Nothing to lose - 2010



With roots stretching from all across the country, the next big band to hit the pop/rock scene has finally come together in Des Moines, Iowa! Decoy's limitless musical talent will take you on an amazing journey with spell-binding vocal melodies, solid groove rhythms and blues guitar leads cascading over top each instant classic song. Decoy creates its own unique sound from an eclectic mix of influences, building a live show that gets everyone in the audience dancing and singing along.

The vocals are set by Chris Ranallo and Brian Herrin, whose eclectic and soulful harmonies are mind-blowing, to say the least. After listening to the catchy melodies you'll find yourself humming along and craving more! Chris also rocks an acoustic guitar with a jazz/funk styling unlike anything ever heard before. Brian does double duty, masterfully playing the keyboards and being the cement that holds this musical wall together. On lead guitar, Micah Wagner makes the message ring through with huge blues/rock infused guitar solos. William Fix Brown II lays down the low end on bass guitar with his solid groove and straight forward skill. And finally, Mike Woods on drums is always displaying his explosive, yet refined, drumming style.

The last couple of years have been nothing but hard work for these guys, who have been collectively making a living doing what they love most - playing music. Decoy has had the honor of playing all over the Midwest and opening for, or playing along side, some of the best musicians in the music business. Decoy has truly earned their right to be called musicians.
Now, with their first full length album “Nothing To Lose” out, the band is on a relentless tour to show the world their amazing sound and live show. Needless to say these guys have hit the ground running and have no plans of letting up anytime soon!