Decoy Octopus

Decoy Octopus

 Hamburg, Hamburg City, DEU

Decoy Octopus is a newcomer band from Hamburg, Germany. Consisting of the following instruments: Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Key´s. We are four up ´till six members depending on location and style of music, meaning whether we´re playing acoustic or fully plugged. The music walks fluid in many genres


As so often it all began one night in summer (2009) drowned in alcohol hence the idea for a new song was born.
The "brokenheartedleftaloneinthedarkallbyhimself"
Ben Franklin, who later would form the band Decoy Octopus, was looking for new ways for himself to make music. He decided to start with some nice, melodic string and piano parts, added a few electronic beats and sang lyrics that came to him that night. A year later he completed his cycle of songs and out came the first yet to be released album of the band. During that year he gathered musicians around him to help and support the whole structure of the music and to be able to play it live some day. Another two years past and recordings were made, band members came and went away only to leave Decoy with another piece of a puzzle, that desperately wanted to be put together. More work and more waiting for things to be finally ready. Now we´re on the verge to release our first real studio album and with it our hopes and fears to make a living as musicians and artists and to contribute to this great work of art we call life on earth.
Ben Franklin says: "I always have a hard time describing our genre, because I like to think of us in terms of the "real" Decoy Octopus from Metal Gear Solid (video game), who is a character who can imitate any human being including their blood and is able to deceive anyone around him. In this way I try to give the music as much freedom as I can to develop on its own and finally include any genre, that is an influence at the time. In the band we all have our very own taste in music and every member contributes to the sound I try to create. So in the end I think we fit many genres may it be rock, electro, pop, singer/songwriter, alternative or even a little prog. Life is changing constantly and so does music. Why not in one band or one mind at the same time?"


Album: Decoy Octopus - Liminal (unreleased)