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• Thorobread (1999), Realizm
• Blood In, Blood Out (with the BloodBrothaz) (2001), Xsquisit
• The Roast (2004), Xsquisit
• Xsquisit Radio Vol. 1 (2005), Xsquisit
• Xsquisit Radio Vol. 2 (2006), Xsquisit
• Xsquisit Radio Vol. 3 (2007), Xsquisit
• G-Kalaborationz (2008), Xsquisit
• BlockStarz Soundtrack (not yet released) (2009), Xsquisit
• The X Files-Underground and Unreleases(UAU) (not yet released) (2009), Xsquisit
• Mr. Midwest-The 7 Step Process (not yet released) (2009), Xsquisit



Damien "D-Edge" Edgington (born October 21), primarily known by his stage name D-Edge, is a record producer, rapper, writer, music engineer,
and record executive. He is the founder and current CO-CEO of Xsquisit Records, an Independent company based in Gary IN, and is credited as a
notable figure in the popularization of Indiana Underground Rap, as well as Midwest Underground Rap. D-Edge began his career in music as a
member of the production duo Trackstar Music, with Augustus Carter (Pheromone) which crafted beats for an up and coming rapper by the name
of Devious and sultry soul group Trump Tight. In 1998 he became CO-CEO and President of the Independent Realizm Records where he recorded
his first solo debut Thorobreads. This release solidified D-Edge as a household name in Indiana Underground Rap and was received very well in many
markets abroad including the UK and Japan. After leaving Realizm Records, D-Edge founded Xsquisit Records with his uncle and co partner Brian
Edgington and produced the label’s first release BloodBrothaz-Blood In, Blood Out. The album proved to be a hit, with the singles Girly Girly, So Hot
and We All That being underground favorites. D-Edge then oversaw and produced music for local artists Yendor, AG, Poppa Smurph G, Big-C,
Nookie G (formally known as Country Caper) and T-Rugga, before producing and releasing another EP for himself called The Roast. The Roast was
also received very well and pushed D-Edge to hit the mixtape circuit, which sprawned the ingenious Xsquisit Radio Volumes 1 thru 3. All volumes did
great and set up his most recent release G-Kalaborationz, in which he collaborated with many artist from Northwest Indiana, in what is considered to
be his best work to date.

Music Career
Trackstar Music (1996–1998)
Inspired by all genres of music, D-Edge started as a DJ in the local radio station in his dormatory, McCutchen Hall, at Purdue University West
Lafayette in 1995. His name echoed throughout the collage campus and was known for his Freestyle shows and Grill parties at the radio station. In
the Fall of 1996, D-Edge began learning music production from a high school friend named Augustus Carter. Things came to a halt when D-Edge left
Purdue in December of 2006 due to acedemic probation and went back home to Gary, IN. Ironically, Augustus Carter also left Prudue that same
year and went back to Gary, where the two met back up at a studio session for an up and coming artist named Devious. They formed the
production team, Trackstar Music and began production on the Devious’ project and the R&B duo Trump Tight. After writing and producing songs
for both projects, D-Edge became an intern at Sheffield Studios, working under mentor George Johnson, who had done previous work with several
high profile artist including Eric B and Rakim. Due to the buzz surounding the Devious project, in late 1998, D-Edge and Augustus would become co-
partners with Ovell Sterling to form Realizm Records where D-Edge would become an artist and staff producer.

Realizm Records (1998–2000)
In 1998, D-Edge began producing his solo debut, Thorobread with a group he created called the BloodBrothaz. The original group members
consisted of Poppa Smurph G, T-Rugga and a talented young lady by the name of Country Caper (now known as Nookie G). After Country Caper
left the group to pursue her own solo career, she was replaced with Big C. Thorobread the album became huge underground hit and caught the
attention of many fans abroad. From Japan to China to the UK, Thorobread was in demand. “To this very day, I still have people reaching out to me
to get that album”, says D-Edge. “I was never really crazy about the album because it was rushed and we didn’t have proper funding to do the
album the way I wanted to do it. But hey, if they like it, I love it.” As the album continued to do well, things wasn’t going well with the label. Augustus
Carter left the company to pursue his education and D-Edge and Orvell Sterlin had diagreements about the direction of the company, resulting in D-
Edge leaving the company. The BloodBrothaz was under contract with D-Edge and left the company as well.

Move to Xsquisit Records (2000–2008)
In early 2000 after a disagreement with Orvell Sterling over ownership of Realizm Records, D-Edge left the label that he co-founded to start his own
imprint with uncle and Co-Partner Brian “B-Edge” Edgington. The label would be called Xsquisit Records and in 2001, D-Edge finally saw the release of
the BloodBrothaz-Blood In, Blood Out. With underground hits like Girly Girly, So Hot, Chocolate, Playas Afternoon and We All That, the album proved
that D-Edge was not just a good producer, he was also a good writer in his own right. But the following year the group disbanded due creative
differences, which would leave the label and D-Edge in limbo for several years. During that time, D-Edge went back to school and obtain his