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"DEDKOR Review"

I want present you with much conviction to a band originating from Chicago, Illinois named Dedkor! Message of these lords is clearly bringing very good US Power Metal to the world. Existing from five members, Dedkor bring the very bests of itself so to i'd like to say to all US Metal maniacs to open up ears!

The US Metal genre stands for (its sometimes) high-pitched vocals and shrieking guitars for sure. Well, Dedkor's vocal lines do not climb the high ladder but this guy has a great, original throat. Singer Tony Gora captivates me in any case with its originality in the first place, certainly also is mention with the strength which he stands to sing. Tone consistency and without too many capsones, full powered / straight forward...this is a brilliant vocalist to me! Also be prepared for both axemen, indecated presently in the band particularly Damon Berklau and Christopher Shelton. Two names which you can remember best as valuable musicians. Nothing then class, a demonstration and satisfaction for every technical guitar fanatic. Bass lines of Mike Mazylewski to be itself far above the average what also can be mentioned of drummer Ron Gonzales. When you start-up a band and you have a couple talented, well matched musicians in the house, you just have to go for it to get what you deserve which means equitable appreciatie from outside.

Dedkor forwarded me a copy of their self-titled debut album and the result is amazing guys, yes it is! I call this work an indie release with balls, a dream for all those represents US Power Metal. Ten songs and a running time of 42 minutes, high appreciated American Metal music commits an attack on your inner souls. This type of music brings me personal in a very good mood so therefore, an immediately purchase seems advised to me.

The albums also conatins two, splendid instrumentals entitled 'War Song' and 'Out Of Anger'. This songs has a light progressive screen to border but sounds terribly good...Symphony X / Dream Theater fans, beware. Pure and typical US Power Metal songs with style are opener 'Man Upstairs', 'The Face', 'Head Shot', 'Leave It Alone' and my absolute fave entitled 'Heavy'. WHAT A SONG!!! It begins mid-tempo kinda like but after a while, a superb tempo acceleration which makes a real time bomb of this song. Fast guitars, great vocals,...riffs returned me some time to think about Metallica's early years, i mean the everything-devastating and unforgettable ''Kill 'em All'' album! One more time, AWESOME!

Last remark / good recomendation...stop beating round the bush and order fast but sure this album from Dedkor. A band that belongs to the elite of underground US Power Metal from now on. Satisfaction all over. Check them out at: MY POINTS: 95 / 100

- Metal To Infintity E-zine


The Evolution Of Metal (demo) 2005
DEDKOR (self-titled, full-length CD) 2007



Dedkor's music revolves around the combined creative force of Chris Shelton and Damon Bernklau. Dedkor was first formed by the 2 good friends back in 2004. What was originally intended as an informal jam session between 2 accomplished metal guitar players evolved into a series of intense song-writing sessions. They had a mutual vision of a musical product that was heavy enough to be called metal but listenable with enjoyable melodies and instrumentation. They saw alot of possibilities with the music they were writing and the next logical step was to form a band to play them. So, a drummer and bassist/vocalist were recruited and DEDKOR came to life. In 2005 and 2006 this first incarnation of Dedkor recorded a demo and was playing the clubs in and around Chicago to good crowds and good reviews. But, Damon and Chris knew it could be bigger and better. So, it was back to the lab again. This time, while writing, they reached for a new plateau. They pushed themselves to new creative heights and wrote not just songs, but sonic works of art. New songs, new sound, new lineup. NEW CD. Recorded in their home studio, DEDKOR's new self-titled CD speaks for itself. The band's philosophy has always been that it's the music that matters most. You either like it or you don't. If you want to know what we're about, listen to our music.