If You Like Indie-Alternative, with a Semi-Retro Sound you will certainly be riveted by D'Edwin.” D'Edwin offers you a dynamic, thought provoking, lyrical-diary style arrangement which will compel you to get up and dance whilst grasping the deep emotions of your conscience.


D’Edwin’s fans have described his music:
Sounds like,
1. "The Smiths & The Cure came together and had a child"
2. “A new wave or electro pop sound crossed with rockabilly”
3. Compared to the “Cure, the Smitherines, the Smiths"
4. "The next best thing since Morrissey"
5. "I think your music and voice reminds me of New Order and A Flock of Seagulls and a small dash of Morrissey in some of the vocals"
6. “I must say, I was rather shocked when I heard how similar your voice is to our Morrissey's! …even your lyrical style reminds me of him.”
7. “I hear some of The Doors in your music”
8. “Totally Unique”

D'Edwin started writing and producing music in January of 2007, just six months after a nearly fatal life changing incident. This experience was instrumental in convincing him to abandon all else for his creative birthright. Within one year of re-grasping the arts, D'Edwin's life completely turned around for the better, spawning 2 albums (first an EP in June of 2007 and then an LP in June of 2008). His life experiences combined his interests in retro-indie pop, formed his unique lyrical persona and developed a flexible balance between deep introspective lyrics and energetic retro-alternative rock instrumentals.

If you are interested in getting to know more about D'Edwin send a request to be invited to his fan site at www.myspace.com/noprognosis or www.dedwinmusic.com


Your Life

Written By: D'Edwin

Is it your life or is it mine x3

Once you told me that I was blind,
Then I looked at you,
I saw the same thing in your eyes
Oh why?..Oh my

Is it your life or is it mine x3
Think I gave you all I had
Then you robbed me of all I had
Think you robbed me
But you want more.. oh why?

Is it your life or is it mine x3
Think I don’t have the time to dwell on
All the time we spent in hell
But you think that all is well
Oh well

Is it your life or is it mine x3
Think I told you we need a change
Think I told you we need it now
But you will scold me somehow

So hear the words I say to you
We are through, I am through with you
Oh my, bye, bye..

Musician Magician

Written By: D'Edwin

Musician Magician
Play some magic now (waoh waoh)

Lights are flashing red and green
A loyal fan makes a royal scene (oh ow)

Uniform guards stand and wait
A girl body-surfs toward the stage
(will she make it?)

The lead singer whips the microphone lead
The crowd cheers and starts to scream (like a dream)

Taking pictures with your camera phone
Hold it high above the hand-waving zone

The Rain

Written By: D'Edwin

I see the rain clouds over head, and I want to stay in bed
But you see it is no use, I have no roof… over head
No roof over my head

Why do the clouds always, bring that lightning over me
Lightning flashed and now I cannot see

The lightning
The thunder
The rain falls
The hail falls down upon my head and on my bed

I walk the streets all alone
Since I do not have a home
I roam I roam alone and then I roam some more

The thunder
The wind blows, all the rain my way.

My Friends Left Me for Dead

Written By: D'Edwin

My friends you left me for, dead
I don’t know just what I did
The only thing I can think of
I was just too good for you.

Why did you insist on hurting me?
A sinking ship, you all but deserted me
Have you not heard of Loyalty?

All the years we spent together
Life, school & work was better
Are you some kind of freak?
To just walk away from a friend like me?

Did you think, when you got married
You could replace your friends with fairies?
Oh look at you now; you’re divorced with no friends (so there you see!)

After all these years, you come calling me
Complaining about your years of misery
Falling into depression, I can not give you sympathy

Do you think, my life was so pristine?
Living a life without friends, who were dear to me?
It was your own decision, to abandon a friend like me.

With all my skills of good advice
Cheering your through tears to all new heights
Did you appreciate the heart you simply gave away?

But You Lied

Written By: D'Edwin

I first met you before the school year, it was parent night
And I made you smile
The next week I tracked you down
I found you after school
(And I walked you home)

Before I knew, a year had past
It had been a blast….
My heart was molded into glass, but it was for you

Soon it was my senior prom
You had two years left of school & I was graduating soon
You were crying then
Though I’d never seen you cry
(I didn’t get the clue)

I assured you, I wasn’t going anywhere
You had my heart
(And then some more) x2

We were lost in our abyss of eternal bliss
We planned a life together… forever
But never did
And we left and drove away, to a sacred place
(A sacred place)

And your mother followed us, she never trust me much
Soon she banished me from you
That was the end of us

In my school yearbook you wrote
You cared for me and always be there for me….forever….
But you lied

Is There Anyone Out There

Written By: D'Edwin

6 billion people and I have no one to talk to
6 billion people and no one to talk to…
I asked for help, I asked for help, and then you asked me,
If I was ok, then you slowly turned away (just turned away)

Depression, I decided I would die today
Depression, I decided I would die today
I told her, I told her, and I told her,
But she shook her head and, turned away (just turned away) (turned away..)

Is there anyone, is there anyone, is there anyone out there? (out there…)
Is there anyone, is there anyone, is there anyone who gives a care? (gives a care) (who gives a care..)

I hear there’s others, but I never see them anywhere
I hear there’s others, but I never see them anywhere
I sent you emails, I sent you emails, I sent emails, but your response wasn’t worth the wait
(worth the wait)

Is there anyone, is there anyone, is there anyone out there? (out there…)
Is there anyone, is there anyone, is there anyone who gives a care? (who gives a care)

Is there anyone, is there anyone, is there anyone out there? …

Secret Assassin

Written By: D'Edwin

I've wanted to kill you for a long long time
Your nightmare
That keeps returning over and over again

I'm pretty sure that deaths the best for you
I have to kill you
To protect life, liberty and happiness

My greatest moment as a secret assassin (complete another mission)
But even that won't satisfy me now.
(the poison)

My mission should I accept is to rub you out
You get one shot of, Smirnoff with polonium 210
What you do, what you do, is up to you. (is up to you)

All I want is to make my pay and close your Dossier
I don’t think, that's too much to ask (too much to ask)

I'll be back by the time you reach the morning news
Before the cold dawn breaks (I'll be at the base)

One stiff drink and another stiff is all they find
What more can they want?
(what more can you want?)

More justice sponsored by the state comes back to you (comes back to you) x3


EP Album 'No Prognosis'
(Released 6/2007)
Track 01: Secret Assassin
Track 02: Your Life
Track 03: I Don't Recall
Track 04: Lazy Train
Track 05: I Abhor

LP Album 'My Friends Left Me for Dead'
(Released 6/2008)
Track 01: My Friends Left Me for Dead
Track 02: The Rain
Track 03: Musician Magician
Track 04: Last of the Midnight Westerns
Track 05: But You Lied
Track 06: Life All Over Again
Track 07: Because I Have to
Track 08: I Have a Life
Track 09: Satisfy This Time
Track 10: Is There Anyone Out There
Track 11: How Bout You
Track 12: Support the Army
Track 13: My Struggle


My Friends Left Me for Dead
1. My Friends Left Me for Dead (about betrayal by friends)
2. The Rain (about losing everything)
3. Musician Magician (experience at a concert)
4. Last of the Midnight Westerns (just a crazy idea)
5. But You Lied (About losing 1st love)
6. Life All Over Again (if you could go back, & you remembered everything, what would you change?)
7. Because I Have To (Well, I have to don’t I?)
8. I Have a Life (no I don’t)
9. Satisfy This Time (life is never satisfying)
10. Is There Anyone Out There? (No)
11. How Bout You? (I am almost entirely perfect, aside the fact I fail at all that I do)
12. Support the Army (No one else does)
13. My Struggle (elusive)

Set List

(under construction)
1. No moshing on stage
2. No throwing used underwear on stage
3. Only New York style pizza and Mr. Pib is allowed (post show)
4. Stage invaders must be nice and leave a tip, (cute one's leave a phone#)

Performances are between 10-15 songs

From 45-65 minutes depending on demand and weather

01. Secret Assassin
02. Musician Magician
03. I Abhor
04. Last of Midnight Westerns
05. How Bout You
06. Satisfy This Time
07. But You Lied
08. I Have a Life
09. Your Life
10. Is There Anyone Out There
11. My Friend Left Me for Dead
12. D Witched
13. My Struggle or Cover
14. Encore