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Dee Black

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Dee Black's music is a mix of hip hop r&b and gospel. There is no box or genre that defines his music.


Davon White,( AKA Dee Black), has overcome many obstacles that artists face in the music industry. Growing up in Baltimore City, his journey of music began at the age of 16, and was influenced by the fame and success of close friends that were in the rap industry. It was the foundation of past experiences that eventually led him in 2002, to turn down a major label deal. His music is a mix of hip hop, R&B, and gospel, and has been categorized as "life" music. Promoting more of the positivity in hip hop culture is Blacks' primary focus.
Not wanting to relinquish control to anyone but God, In 2010, Dee Black founded and established his own record label/company HisStory Music Group. The release of his debut album "The Book of Life" (October 2011) brought exposure and opportunity which included a performance at the Holy Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta, GA that same year. In 2012, Black was nominated for the Crunk for Christ "Street Minister of the Year" Award. Black has been the pioneer for positivity and success, and has been an inspiration to many.
Recent accomplishments and projects include a D.R.E.A.M campaign and the release of his next album "The Book of Life pt II....Red Ink", coming May 2013. In addition, Black has signed a deal with Krush Records to distribute his album worldwide. This just marks the beginning of another level of greatness.

" My life is not my own..... It's HisStory"
-Dee Black



Written By: Davon White aka Dee Black

Dream Lyrics
Verse 1. Dreams become reality when you think like I do. Reach into your
future,pull that future right beside you. Hope is worth thousands, faith is worth
billions. I aint thinking rent a room when i can own the building. Martin luther had a
dream until somebody killed him, but the dream will never die, so i tell my fear
goodbye. Say hello to every blessing that the lord brought from on high, on tt. my
knees praying please as I look up to the sky. Saying lord I need you know because
on you I can rely to make my dreams come to pass replaying scenes from my past
all the tears that i cried fast forward to the laughs knowing every dream I had was
just a glimpse of what I have I live like Im dreaming you can call it sleepwalking They
say the money talking I ask what is it saying If money could talk then I would have
my money praying put that money on the beat I would have my money saying just
Verse 2. If you got a dream then let me see your hands clap. If i clapped for all my
dreams Id need a thousand hands for that. No reverse or rearview that means Im
never looking back, turn that dream into reality non-fiction living fact. Dreams are
what you make it Think big like chris wallace, so when I say dream think more than
just your wallet. My sky is not the limit Im somewhere in auto pilot, outer space type
thinking more than reaching for the stars. I'd rather reach for GOD because a star is
sure to fall and that comes right after pride but its right before your tired, enough to
honestly rely on GOD and you truly decide. To let him take your dreams and carry
em take your fears and bury em. Turn your life around one eighty from tears and
worrying, no need for the hurrying the race is long distance. Though its long you can
change your life in an instance, Just have faith and give your life with no resistance
just dream.
Verse 3. They saying how Am I supposed to dream in a world full of nightmares. I
rather drink and blow weed in the night air. No cares no worries just drifting, but
when you sober up the same the problems still existing. I know it cause I lived it,
Know its Hell conflicting, facing the reality not becoming a casualty of no faith giving
up kill yourself to live it up treadmill running fast living stuck to get a buck. This is
what we all are facing we we lost faith in the possibilities of God, not our ability and
all the doubting did to me. Now the doubt is dead to me so rest in peace to fear all
the issues all the tears. All the years that I wasted, look back remember now move
forward erase it basic. Old thing are past a new future is ahead I look to it, for those
who think they blew I tell em they can do it just dream


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