BandHip Hop

Reality Rap/Hip Hop. Music with content, meaning, and motivation. Taking it back to when artists used to make music that meant something. Others make music...Im trying to make music that will last for decades.


Lansing Michigan native DEEBO MAC is an unsigned hip hop artist that
has a passion for hip hop with a meaning. One of the most versitle
artists coming out of the 517 area code in reference to punchlines,
wordplay, multi's, and story telling. Growing up listening to
everything from 2Pac, Kool G Rap, Goodie Mobb, Ice Cube, Nas, Common
to The Roots, Freeway, Outkast, Snoop, and other similar artists in
his mind if you dont "Come Wit It" you may as well not be making
music. With a rather intricate balance of wordplay and punchlines the underground is best suited for DEEBO MAC as he is right at home on stage and having his music played through college radio. This is DEEBO MAC's spin on the way hip hop should be done.


From my newest album named Rhetoric, singles include...

Just Because
Im Nasty

From my album released at the end of 2011 named Anthrax, singles include...

Cold Rain
Night On The Town
She Knows Me

All of which have been released for airplay on Jango, Imradio, Lastfm, and IMMradio.