Dee Dee Downs

Dee Dee Downs


It’s Here Brand New From Ameri-Star Records And Miranda Promotions International. Dee Dee Down’s Her First Ever Album Release * Riding On A Wing And A Prayer* This North Carolina Girl shows her stuff with one of 2007 hottest new releases to date.


Dee Dee is a Country and Southern Gospel singer. She recently started to get serious with her music career. In the summer of 2006 she went to Nashville T.N. where she recorded her first two song demo .
They were produced by Mr. Michael Radford of A.M.I. Records.
"Lord Help Me Hold On To You" is a Southern
Gospel song written by her Mother in memory of her younger deceased brother, Jeffrey Jones. She wrote these words while he was in a coma. The Lord took him home shortly afterwards. Dee Dee says that she hopes this song will be an inspiration to all who hear it.
" When The Rain Comes Falling Down " is a toe tappin , hand clappin, make you want to get up and dance, Country song. This song was provided to her by Mr. Michael Radford.
The summer of 2007, she released her first full length CD. *Riding On A Wing And A Prayer* is a mix of original Country and Gospel songs. Produced by Miranda Leake, Ameri-Star Records, this cd is sure to be one of the hottest new releases of 2007.
Dee Dee has also recieved The TCMA Rising Female Vocalist Of The Year 2007 Award.
She is being promoted by Miranda Promotions and is a member of the Miranda stars Opry Tour.
She is currently performing in her hometown of Franklin N.C.
Leakelane Music Group back in the studio Tonight With Dee Dee Downs.
Posted on October 19, 2007 at 01:02:58 PM by Miranda Promotions International

Dee Dee Downs head into the studio today where she will be recording her brand new gospel release, from Leakelane Music Group/MPI this is a single release that is sure to be a hit in both country and gospel.

Stay tuned for updates on this artist, the song will debut on the Miranda Stars Opry next Wednesday night 8pm central on True Country Radio.

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Dee Dee downs releases her new Gospel single, *His Voice I Heard*
Purchase it and her other songs here:
Also cd is available here:


His Voice I Heard

Written By: Written by: Melvin Long, BMI and Kathy Pettigrew,

Whooo hooo ahhh yeaaaaa
It was time to turn a new leaf,
So I got down on knees,
I Grasped my hands together and a prayer came from me.
I prayed to the Lord above,
to forgive me all my sins.
And then the room got brighter and I knew that it was,


It was his Voice I Heard
I listened to his words.
Raised my hands high in the air,
felt his presence everywhere
It was his voice I heard
Love and faith were learned
It was his voice, his voice I heard

And even though we make mistakes,
He'll forgive us all those things
Open your heart wide for him,
and hear his Angels sing
All through this world of ours,
Spread his joy and love
No matter where we are,
His blessings come from above


Bridge: And I'm thankfull everyday,
No longer the devils pray,
Believe in the Lord above
Spread the joy of his love.


(His Voice. His Voice. His voice I heard) He'll show us the way.

(His Voice. His Voice. His voice I heard) In The dark of night.

(His Voice. His Voice. His voice I heard) And in the light of day.

(His Voice. His Voice. His voice I heard) We're precious in his site.

(His Voice. His Voice. His voice I heard) Get down on your knees, and hear the Angels sing



2 single releases," Lord Help Me Hold On To You " and also," When The Rain Comes Falling Down".
Latest Cd, * Riding On A Wing And A Prayer* released the summer of 2007.
Her songs have been recieving alot of internet airplay
They are also available for single downloading at her Soundclick site There are links there for downloads.
The Cd is available thru CdBaby, the link is available on her sites.

Set List

The 10 songs on her newest CD *Riding On A Wing And a Prayer *. " Lord Help Me Hold On To You" and "When The rain Comes falling Down". She also sings Country, pop, disco, Gospel cover songs. She does a mean Patsy Cline too.