Dee Dee wells

Dee Dee wells


I would say that the music that I write and sing certainly a great gift from God and that it is not only a inspiraton to others but to myself as well, it has a gospel contemporary feel that keeps me going in times of sorrow and in times of joy, I would say that I love it, love it, love it.


(Originally) Cetremia Dionne Reed (marriage) Cetremia Dionne Wells Fax:877-650-8474 Manager & Booking contact
Kelvin Smith-(843) 992-7436
Born in Rochester, New York. DeeDee was raised by both parents, Frederick Reed and Mary Kennedy. DeeDee is the youngest of 4. DeeDee has 2 sisters and one brother. DeeDee started singing at around the age of 7 years old in the church where she grew up in at "Little Lighthouse Church" in Rochester NY, where the founder was the former Pastor James and Loumanda Reed, (DeeDee's Grandparents). In DeeDee's youth and teenage years DeeDee was inspired by her grandparents, the former Pastor James Reed and Evangelist Loumanda Reed. DeeDee also traveled as she was a singer on a Statewide Choir called "Gospel Unique" in Rochester NY where the director is George Banks, the R&B singer TWEET was also a member along with DeeDee at that time. DeeDee was a member of this choir for several years until she graduated in the year of 1991, DeeDee was also in a group called Gospel Explosion for about one year in Rochester NY. DeeDee then relocated to Florence SC after graduating where she met her husband Leavy Wells and they presently have 3 children. DeeDee now attends Bethel Apostolic Church in Florence SC where the founder was the former Bishop U I McCall. Presently DeeDee sings on the Dr. UI McCall Choir at her church "Bethel" as well as weddings, funerals, and other momentous occasions. DeeDee also was a member of a Workshop Choir called S&E in Florence SC.. DeeDee was inspired by a friend named Cora Trotter who heard her sing a solo in 2004 and advised her to start recording music in the studio at that time. Ms. Cora immediately introduced DeeDee to Kelvin Smith who owns "Smith Brothers Records." Immediately DeeDee started writing songs and recording in the studio. Within a 6 month period she wrote 19 songs and recorded 13 tracks on her first Cd entitled "GET TO KNOW HIM" which was her first hit Produced by KelvinSmith in 2005.DeeDee's SONG "REUNITED WITH CHRIST" received honorable mention by the Billboard World Song Contest competition.DeeDee made her first appearance and presented her songs to her church, Bethel Apostolic in July 2005. DeeDee was honored for her appearance at that time. She was also on stage at Luther Barns song ministries 9thannual North Carolina Fall Gospel Classic performing along with Dorothy Norwood, Keith "Wonder Boy" Johnson, Slim and the Supreme Angles, and the Williams Brothers. DeeDee's single entitle, "CAN I TESTIFY," was released in 2006, which was produced by Cornielus dows. DeeDee's second project entitled, "HE CAN SAVE YOU"Produced by KelvinSmith & Cornielus Dows is out and in distribution on DeeDee's second project sold out in most of the stores in the SC area one month after the project was released, the SC area showed DeeDee that the hit for this project is track #3, HEAVENS DOOR composed, produced, and co-written by Kelvin Smith. In March of 2007, DeeDee signed to Sharp Records for three years.


My first CD was entitled (GET TO KNOW HIM) which was released in 2005.
I then released a single entitled: (CAN I TESTIFY) in 2006 as well.
My most recent project is entitled (HE CAN SAVE YOU)..which was released
in 2006. The tracks that get the most airplay are "Get To Know Him" "I Am God" "Finally Found You" He Can Save You"and most recently "Heavens doors"

I do have airplay in North Carolina, South Carolina, Rochester NY and
also in Georgia.

Set List

1.Heavens Door2.Get To Know Him,3.I Am God,4.Pray believe,5.Deliver Me and Finaly Found you.The set's run 30min to an hour,it depends on what the bookie ask for,we can deliver.