Converse, Texas, USA
BandHip HopWorld

The Big Deal


D’Andre Johnson. Better known by his fans as “DeeJ 'The Great' ” or "Rex Dolce" was born March 22, 1992. This musical prodigy devoted a lot of his time and life to music. As a young kid music was always something he had always enjoyed and showed and interest for. His older brothers (both being rap artist) put him in the right environment to feed and learn from other engineers and artist doing music. As time passed and years went by, DeeJ noticed his talents becoming more and more noticeable, but being a shy kid, he never really spoke about it in fear that his friends would laugh and criticize him.

Finally his freshman year in high school, he and one of his closest friends made a band called, “The Underclassmen”. The group quickly gained a lot of popularity throughout high school, and even on the OurStage website. Winning the #1 song in the Hip-Hop channel and being the #1 Urban Artist for the website. Although the band is not yet famous, they brought a lot of attention to it making it a known name in the state of Texas. Performing at different clubs, parties, and a couple of colleges they’ve gained a lot of respect from teens and adults around the city.

Now DeeJ is ready to show the world what he can bring to the table as a solo artist. From his great delivery, to his fantastic songwriting, to his business smarts, to his clean cut image we believe DeeJ has what it takes to be the next big thing in the music industry. Never following trends but setting his own. His music could not be compared to another artist for he is too unique to fall under a specific category. He thinks of his music as being “Universal”, meaning he’s not limited to any genre in particular. Listen to his music and enjoy the sweet sounds of a legend in the making. You wont be disappointed.