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Mix cd's include:
Diabolical Mind Alcohol (reviewed in Urb, Dec. '99)
Beats...for the blunted
Red number #1
House Party Champion
Low Budget, High Energy
Cruise Control
Audio Contagious
Groove Operator
Dirty Reminants
Shuffle vol. one
Suckas Take Note
Party Smash
Bruise Store Opener



You enter the club and immediately notice the energy in the air...and it's not the kind of energy generated by the normal dance-floor shuffle. No, on this night, it's different and much more intense than most times you've witnessed! The music seems more alive than normal. The funky melodies are up-lifting and grooving. The bass pulsates into your soul, leaving your feet with no other choice but to move and slide across the dance-floor. The amount of sweat dripping off the party-goers would indicate that they are willing participants of a mass shower scene, but's much more than that. As you make your way towards the DJ booth, you notice a commotion going on behind the turntables...the DJ is dancing around wildly, bath towel draped around his neck...a white, wife-beater soaked in his own sweat covering his torso...his hair, drenched in sweat, keeps whipping into his eyes, fist pumping in the air! Once in range of the DJ booth, the volume of the monitors make your eyes flutter and the amazed stares of party-goers locked into what this DJ is doing would indicate that all the technical knob-twisting and scratching has shocked their perceived notion of what a DJ is really supposed to do! Well, that DJ is deejay diabolic and this scenario takes place every time he steps behind the decks! A 16 year veteran behind the tables, deejay diabolic does MUCH more than just DJ, he performs 110% and and gives the audience more than just an "average" dj set...he delivers a full-blown, energetic, knock down performance!
The story of Dennis Bodley starts during the summer of 1993, when the underground dance scene was at it's infancy stage in Denver. After being exposed to mix-tapes from west coast pioneers DJ Dan and R.A.W. and in addition to viewing the hip-hop classic "Juice", the life of Deejay Diabolic was born!
Back in 1993, only a junior in high school, dennis, was already djing house parties, spending countless hours in record stores and showing signs of true dedication to perfecting his abilities as a energetic, technically creative dj. Having always played both hip-hop and electronic music has allowed him to blur the lines between genres and create a style of mixing all that is his own! Coming from a hip-hop battle back-ground, there's no question why he prefers the track-in, track-out cut'n paste style of the hip-hop mix-tapes from back in the day. Having played everything from acid jazz, hip-hop, UK hard-house, drum & bass, mash-ups, speed garage and of course breakbeats and funky, dirty house has given him the knack for reading a variety of different dance floors and being prepared for what ever the situation calls for. Whether it's a dance floor at the hip-hop / top 40 club or a warehouse party, diabolic understands the differences in dance floor mechanics to make each party go off successfully! When asked about his current style, "it's hard to categorize what i play exactly...there are so many different genres and sub genres now that it's really hard to play just a set anymore without crossing different lines and playing tracks from other genres. in a nutshell, i play energetic party-rockin beats!"
What makes deejay diabolic different than most djs is the energy and intensity that he brings to each of his sets! Known for screaming, dancing on the tables, getting on the mic, stripping to his undershirt and all out not stopping moving until his last song is done, his energy is contagious throughout the party and his technical skills continue to captivate dance floors everywhere! "...feeling that vibe. the energy the crowd gives just takes me over! i feel the music and lose control...and the crowd feels that, and they lose control...and i feel that and therefore I lose more control...and they feel that, and this symbiotic relationship continues throughout my set until the floor blows up and then blows up again. and again. and again. lol"
deejay diabolics technical mixing skills in the past have been compared to the likes of Bad Boy Bill, while his stage presence behind the decks equal those of Donald Gluade! But the performance you receive is all deejay diabolic!
Currently, diabolic is running his internet show, Dirty Freq Monster on every monday night, along side other UPG artist Kombat. deejay diabolic is also involved in a tag-team dj crew called d_unit with long-time scene veteran, dj DMX. d_unit was recently involved in a dj / promoter challenge at The Church Nightclub and absolutely took control of the dance floor and received the best results overall that night! With many parties on the horizon, an internet show, producing, video production and graphic design, 2009 will continue to be a busy year for dennis...but make no mistake, when there is a distress call from a dance floor, he will answer the call and deliver the remedy that'll cure any dead dance floor! deejay diabolic's drive, determination and dedication are evident every time