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the message that our music proclaims Is not only lyrically impressive but the content is deeper than any movie of novel you'll ever see or read.


DEEK DIESEL has been called to declare to the world that Christian Music is NOT an alternative to worldly music its NOT plan B. But it is an expression of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,faith and lifestyle. He's dedicated to the Truth above all things because too many are "perishing because of lack of knowledge" A talented and annointed messenger of God, who not only proclaim the Gospel but live it out daily. This is a ministry of Soul Saving Outreach.


Deek Diesel has a project available called "11ELEV8TION" the song Christ Life was played on STAR 99.7 fm other streams can be found on myspace,, and soundclick

Quenley has a project available called "TRANSFORMATION" streams available on myspace and soundclick

Set List

Well we start with the TRUTH then go in to more TRUTH and end with...yup the TRUTH